Tuesday, June 7, 2022

A Secret, and Not so Secret Squirrel Day

Lorelei Lab here with a report from home.  Mom was working on a big case and teleworked most of this week, which is great as I get to spend more time with her.  So for tonight a recap of her typical day.

Secret Squirrel pops out of bed, ready to start the day.
First, a little walk to get the blood circulating.
A few reps on the workout bench.
This is NOT a yoga pose, someone is stuck.
What are the neighbor's up to?  If you see food, go over and say hello.
Look -  nuts!
What are YOU looking at.

This is Mom's professional telework attire.
No, not her Alma mater, but but it's soft and comfy (I slept on it while Mom took her shower, I wonder if she'll notice the dog hair)
Mom - it's too early to start the day.
Telework days go pretty quick,  as a lot of work can be accomplished with the quiet.  Let's see, I bet Mom can mark out where the witnesses were standing using Gumby and Pokey ( hmmm - that might go over as well as the interrogatories with hand puppets).
At lunch - while Mom gets dinner in the crockpot and takes me for a short play session out back. I get to sniff and see everything going on in our neighborhood.

While Mom gets back to work - focused and serious.

My job as telework dog is to nap on the rug to make sure Mom doesn't take any breaks that don't involve "treats".

While Mom makes a phone call to someone she needs a report and puts together a hundred tiny, seemingly unrelated details to form a story.
Yay - she's done and I get walkies with Mom before she finishes dinner and Dad comes home.

"Did you say walk?  Or Bacon?  They sound the same."

Before you know it the light was dimming and it was evening.  Mom didn't save the world or gather a bunch of nuts, but such days are productive days - especially with the best furry office assistant ever.


  1. Oh, I wanna chase dat skwerril so bad!

  2. The hallmarks of the best workers always revolve around a great assistant. Good job, Loralei.

  3. Wow, that was a great, detailed report. Now we know exactly what your Mom (and the squirrels) do all day! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


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