Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day!

 To celebrate the fourth -  A jaunt around the neighborhood to work on leash skills (during the five weeks of the Illinois 13-year Cicada swarm, leash training went out the window).

But I saw a Cat dad!

See - I can walk like a good girl!  Where's my treat?

It's a whole BOX of treats!  From my favorite place Chewy!

It's a fox - stuffed with ropes so I can't de-squeak it immediately!

Mr. Fox - meet the Jaws of Doom

He's not putting up much of a fight Mom.

Can you ear me now. . . . 

What, we were just talking about the weather.

Mr. Fox - welcome to the Johnson Home for Hearing Impaired Stuffies.


  1. How cool to get new toys to celebrate with! Happy Independence Day!

  2. You sometimes wonder why they even put ears on dog stuffies??? Now, I have figured it is the "best" part for doggies. It is the first bit to meet doom. :)


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