Sunday, October 5, 2014

Barkley Memories - Begger Boys

But they're SILK sheets, Mom!
I found this photo, and a number of others, on some old camera cards that I'd pulled out of the camera, but not uploaded to the computer.  The one above is my fancy schmancy house I happily got rid of when I moved here, donating half of my stuff to AmVets and changing the way I lived.  Barkley didn't care, and I found out, I was much happier with a simpler lifestyle and the people I met, where it didn't matter what I owned, just who I was. And there was dog hair.  LOTS of dog hair.

And dogs and stole my knickers in the middle of the night.

In looking at photos of him I'd forgotten of, my eyes welled up, but then I smiled, good memories there. Just simple things, ones that make you happy, ones worth sharing.

For those of you who have bought the Book of Barkley, thank you.  The money from the proceeds is providing for my 94 year old Dad's nursing care (some stubborn redhead refuses to live with one of the kids or grandkids). It's available with the links on the right, and also Amazon, USA, UK and AU.
For tonight, as I got back to work, some Barkley memories, taken at my little crash pad near my workplace in the big city.

Hey, I think someone has food up there.
 No seriously.  Did Mom cook something while you took me outside?
Don't be holding out on me.
  I see a bowl, I smell Popcorn!  Mom made popcorn?
 Wait - you have ice cream  ??
But seriously, I smelled popcorn!
 You get BOTH ice cream and popcorn!  What kind of sick, twisted people are you?
I will just sit here in front of my empty food bowl and look pitiful while you two heathens finish your snack.


  1. No way I could have resisted giving him something after seeing that look from the last picture.

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. The Ladyfriend and I dogsat a Fraternity Brother's dog when his AIT schedule got change.

    He thoroughly enjoyed rooting through the fresh from the dryer but yet to be put away basket full of unmentionables one night, dragging them everywhere for the company to see.

  3. Oh man! That is quite the begging face


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