Saturday, October 11, 2014

Woof if You're Not a Morning Person

My phone or alarm sometimes goes off very early.  I also don't know when I'll get a chance to eat, depending on how the day goes.  You'd think the years I made a living as a pilot would make it easier, but it doesn't.

There's a homemade sandwich if there's time, but many days, it's just some yogurt, some fruit and some Wasa flatbread or a crunchy cookie or two.  Most days, it is whatever I can grab with my eyes half closed and stuff in my metal lunchbox with a chill pack from the freezer door and bottled water in the truck.
We all like our crunchy little treats. These are mine. Yes, they have sugar and probably trans fats, but I love my Dare cookies to munch on or dunk in a cup of coffee.  These aren't quite as tasty as the maple cream ones, but they hold up during travel over bumpy roads in the truck.  But even the few in the box that end up broken are still lunch box worthy.
Mom, I'm waiting for a biscuit to float downstream.

Barkley had his favorite little crunchy treats as well.  He always loved the Healthy Radiance dog food (a local company) for his meals.  But he loved the little Iams dog biscuits and always got one just before bed, if he went out and did his business without barking at the Chiweenie and the Doodleman Pincsher (and their two mixed breed dogs) down the street.
Abby the Rescue Lab, is in the same routine now that Barkley is gone 

I'd best not make a trip to the store and not come back without some if the box is empty.
If Barkley was here he'd say . . .

"Get the one in the box with the fruit bat on the front"

(Uh, Barkley, that's a cute little dog, they're just not all as rugged looking as you).

If wasn't until I reorganised my kitchen to have things easier to get to at bedtime and at o'dark hundred the other night that I noticed how similar the boxes looked in color and size. That's not a green color you see every day.
It's 3 a.m. Time to get up, to grab and go (3 hours sleep, I can do 3 hours of sleep).  Abby didn't even get up to eat her food. But I better take some, maybe not for now, but I will need a little energy later at work.
Oh. . . . no. . .


  1. Oh good - I love the " Fruit Bat..." line.

    Pappions, they have the Heart of a Lion! Kinda 'arfy' though. A friend has a couple of them and the house is a cacophony of yaps whenever a leaf moves on a tree! Still cute little guys. I'll use the fruit-bat comment!

    Thanks for continuing to post pics of Barkley, some old, but some I have not seen before... 'Blink' just cracks me up, I remember it from before but I laughed just as hard when I saw it again.

    Fair Winds, Following Seas, and a Safe Port in the coming Storms,

    Cap'n Jan

    P.S. I am head down, butt up these days so read sporadically, but Sundays are my day to read!

  2. You can find Book of Barkley on Amazon UK if you go to page 2 of the search and don't get sidetracked by the erotic novels that re before it.

  3. Now, if the dog had got the foods mixed up, you'd never know and he wouldn't tell ;-)

  4. Cap'n Jan - I found some photos of Barkley you have not seen. I have them saved to come up one day next week where I will be traveling. Tailwinds and blue skies, my friend.

    Peripatetic Engineer - thanks for checking that out for me I have two readers in the UK that I know of so I appreciate you checking. I found that if I typed in the Book of Barkley and L Johnson (as opposed to LB Johnson)it came up. And no, I a NOT the author of the other books :-)

    animal couriers - indeed he wouldn't have. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for all that you do to help get animals home.

  5. The Monkeys like dog biscuits...We go to petsmart and they eat them in the check out line! Pesky kids!

  6. I suppose you could dip those in your coffee...

  7. Jennifer - I've had worse with my morning coffee, that is for sure!


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