Friday, January 2, 2015

Grommett and Gromits - a Message From Abby - Mom's Lab Assistant

The house computer was not working well any more, so rather than go out and buy one, Mom and Dad built one. When an engineer and scientist marry, as Mom and Did did did last year, every day is an experiment.  My furever home is only 1200 square feet on the main floor, but it has a 1200 square foot walk out basement where there is a metal and wood shop and some big cupboards where Mom can store her canned veggies and jams (Mom - do you know dogs LIKE jam?)  But upstairs is the office where Mom writes.  It's really old as well, with an old school teachers desk that's been around a long, long time.
Our house is a hundred years old and full of antiques.  When the computer started failing, Mom and Dad went to the noisy, clunky place in the basement .  They've had me come up and down the stairs,, to make sure I can do so quickly if there is something called a "tornado" but I'm not allowed down there when they are working as they say it isn't safe for doggies. Mom makes sure I get an extra treats and have my toys and checks on me often, but then they go down there and there's all KINDS of interesting noises.

Mom says the new computer was made out of a vintage "analytical balance".  I'm not sure what that is but it looked kind of cool.  Here's what it looked like to start with the first night.
Then the plans were drawn up.  Mom finished the notes with her evil scientist laugh--"bwahahahahaha!"  Mom has red hair and freckles--she can't really pull off the evil scientist thing but it makes Dad grin.

After cutting out the vents for cooling - stickers were added so only "qualified peeps" can service this machine.  I guess that wouldn't include me as I can't dial PE6-5000.
They made some stickers for servicing information and then added all the computer parts.
There's some knobs and switches that would be fun to work if I had opposable thumbs. The trim was made out of bits  and pieces of model railroad car kits.  Once it was up and running she added the little stuffed Gromit dog which she said is her favorite dog after Barkley and me and put it on her desk.
The Compte-inator is done and working! Mom's going to go on the internet now so I can see who Gromit is!


  1. Miss Abby, we here at Casa Monkeywrangler, love the Nick Parks claymation. Be sure to tell Mom to find one called Creature Comforts. It's quite funny, and of course, Chicken Run, which Mom and Dad will enjoy a lot.

  2. They built their own computer! Wow!!! Happy 2015!!

  3. Oh love it! I sure hope Perry the Platypus doesn't pay you a visit!

    Monty and Harlow


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