Friday, March 4, 2016

On a Dark, Flat Land She Rides

I've been entangled with law enforcement/secret squirrel work in one form or another much of my adult life, except for that stint flying jets while people in really desolate and dry countries occasionally shot at me. My parents were both LEO's.  Mom was a  Deputy Sheriff,  Dad was a Military Police Officer (career).  It's a tough job, it's a stressful job.  The media generally lies about you (well, about you and anything more complex than plankton), much of the public doesn't like you and it often involves exceedingly long days, physical discomfort and sometimes, danger. Like those that work that brutally difficult and honorable job of firefighter, and those that serve to help the injured as EMT's, as well as those personnel that support them, you do what you can to get through and that sometimes involves a little well placed humor in quiet places.

Tonight after a VERY long day, a little story. The names in this story will remain anonymous, but any of you who were growing up in the mid 70's will know exactly what I'm talking about in this MUCH more recent tale.

"L" was a little tuckered out and moving slow, trying to get a bite to eat as a call went out on the radio to  all of the locals - there was a complaint and a possible danger to the public in this dark, flat land.  Having busted out of it's stall perhaps, "a pony running free in the roadway". 

Laughing, "L" grabs the cellphone and hits the call button for the the local LEO dispatch as the young and "wet behind the ears" Deputy is accepting the call on the radio.

"It's "L", I'll pay you $5 to get on the radio and say the pony's name is Wildfire..."

 It wasn't 5 seconds later..

"Complainant advises pony's name is Wildfire."

You could almost hear the laughter across the county and the diligent young man does NOT put it together.

On scene, he's even confirming with the owners of the horse that had "busted down it's stall"  that the name was, indeed, Wildfire so that he could accurately note it in the report. Word is the middle aged owners just looked at him like he was perhaps a bit strange. It wasn't until he had closed out the call and was back at headquarters asking, "What did it matter what its name was. . . . . .?"

"oh, damn it!"

You all have a safe evening out there, being mindful of weather and traffic and watch out for ponies in the road (rear ending a pinto never turns out well).


  1. Hari OM
    HAH - got 'im.... Laughter is the great reliever. YAM xx

  2. IDK what happened! Mom just ran out of the room calling Wildfire! She ran calling Wildfire!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. NOW THAT is one of those stories that could be called a HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR.

  4. I hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

    We do under value our police and other emergency workers. I unfortunately spent most of last night in the ER with the Man (all is ok now, knock on wood) and was reminded what a thankless job people in those positions have.


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