Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Time Off - And the Chewy Box is Here!

Abby the Lab here.

This is Mom's  extra homemade shop lamp.  Look, it DOES say "electric perk".

Dad has been on the road traveling for work most of the last month and he has to leave again soon, but he had a couple of days off from being an engineer to be at home with Mom.  She did her best to spoil him - cooking him some nice foodables since if you hear him tell it, on the road he lives on nothing but Ramen Noodles and Gruel. So Mom took some annual leave from work to spend a little time with him before he left again.
Buttermilk scones with a Tex Mex inspired meat-free veggie scramble.

I got kibble - I'm thinking this is a plot of some sort.

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, the morning was time for the yard work.  The Purple Coneflower  is not only a pretty plant, but they are dried and kept as medical items in our emergency/natural disaster supplies.
Then Mom said it was time to go to the garage to to bump (ow!) and grind alongside the stripper.

The finished product. It's been in the room for a while, but the top was always  covered by a tablecloth as it was in such bad shape.
See - it once looked like this. No - a cat did NOT use that as a scratching post.
It was left on a local curb with trash, and the particleboard  top was trashed.  But the legs and lower shelf?  Solid hardwood and only lightly scratched, so Mom and Dad snagged it from the trash heap. They covered it with a cloth for a while and then decided to just redo it.  $40 at the home improvement store for wood for a new top and a little elbow grease and our little house had a table that would cost hundreds in a store.

Time for lunch.  Pineapple glazed ham sliced thin with baby Swiss, on thinly sliced homemade oatmeal bread, then toasted in a fry pan sprayed with a little non-stick spray and served with some sliced apples and carrot sticks.

Hey were's MY goodies to eat?

BARK!  It's the mailman!


Yay it's my Blue Buffalo Basic food which I love - as it makes my coat all glossy and my stomach so happy.
Everyone fed, Mom and Dad disappeared to the garage. I will stay and guard the stuffies.

Miss Madeline - the TR6, was  happy the temperatures are warmer.
But, a drive will have to wait as  I needed some playtime and a walk to say hi to the neighborhood dogs.
You want a piece of me?
It was a busy day,  and Dad said it was  time to get out some adult beverages and start the barbecue.

This was a cheap dinner. The chicken "pinwheels" (legs and thighs) were picked up at a locally owned (not a chain) grocers, two bulk packages for the price of one.  Add in some veggies purchased at the farmer's market and steamed rice and some sauce made "from scratch" (no extra charge for chicken puns) with items on hand and dinner was on the table for less than a dollar per serving.
Mom made Korean Barbecue Sauce.  Sweet but not too much and slightly spicy, my paw-rents said it was wonderful brushed on the chicken after it had cooked about 15 minutes.
After brushing one side, the chicken was flipped, brushed with more sauce and covered up to finish grilling to 165 degrees F.  I watched carefully to make sure it was done right.

I am very lucky to have parents that work hard to make sure I have a nice home to live in and yummy things to smell.

I got kibble again.  I'm not quite sure what to say - but it WAS the Blue Buffalo Kibble from Chewy.

잘 먹겠습니다 !


  1. Abby, I think we need to organize a protest march at your house. It is NOT FAIR that you only get kibble -- even really good kibble! -- when your pawrents get to eat all those yummy things RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! All stomachs matter!

  2. Replies
    1. OH Yeah, and it's good on pizza with bacon and extra cheese as well.

  3. OMD your Mom's LIGHT... That made us PERK RIGHT UP when we saw it... Our Peeps LOVE Coffee... they use Medium Roast though... not LIGHT... just sayin.

    OMD the Chicken... on the GRILLER thingy... BUTT Blue Buffalo from is all you got? Well, BB is GOOD fur you... it is what WE eat... butt SURELY you got a TASTE of Chicken, didn't you???

  4. OOOPS.... PEE S... we furgot to say that your peeps did a grand job of refinishing that LOVELY table.

    1. Thank you - it fits this old house very nicely.

  5. Abby Lab! What a filled day. Mine went something like this - up at dawn. . .eat kibble. . .potty break. . . nap. . . go outside to nosh apples . . . inside to nap. . .potty break. . . nap. . . eat kibble. . . beg at dinner table. . . booted outside to enjoy apples by moonlight . . . nap. . . bedtime.
    Love Noodles

    1. Hi Noodles! Look like you had quite the day!

  6. Hari OM
    At least it WAS the blue buffalo. Anything less and I would have been wondering whether an ASPCA intervention might have been needed! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Your momma and da make the best food, we also got our chewy box last night. stella rose

  8. It all looks absolutely amazing and yummy!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  9. Wait a minute . . . they got chicken and you got kibble. Did it REALLY compare?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. We always want to go to your place to eat.
    We learned at BAR that our friends in the US do not have as many holidays as Canadians often do. We knew that our mat leave was better, but we learned it is common to only ever really have 2 weeks. The Lady has as many as she wants cause she is self-employed and the Man works for the government and he has 27 days plus all the stats (or something like that). It looks like your Lady used her leave well!

    1. Mom is government so she gets three weeks but she spends those at her Dads. If they has any "travel comp" she uses that up to do things around the house with Dad but she's not had a "vacation" in over 20 years, with elder parent health issues and the maintenance of her Dad's house. She always had fun with them, her stepmother was the kindest funniest lady Mom said but alzheimers was difficult. Abby Lab

  11. OMD!!!! GURL, I'm movin' in with you! I thinks with BOTH our big browns, we could wear your peeps down and really have some good eats!!!!!! If not, at least we gots that tasty Blue Buffalo stuffs. I'll bring my chicken pattie foods, and we can REALLY feast!!
    Ruby ♥♥


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