Saturday, August 20, 2016

Attention - Kitty Lovers in North/Northcentral Indiana and Illinois

UPDATE:  "LUCY" HAS BEEN ADOPTED -  My best friend is sad to see her go but happy she's going where she will get a LOT of attention and loving. Also a  big thanks to my friend's sister who is a nurse practitioner and spread the word online to her friends in the medical community.

This little thing showed up at my best friend's country house in NW Indiana, near Valporaiso, likely dumped. My friend already has 8 rescues who had met the same fate who they then adopted but with extra vet expenses for the many seniors, she can't keep this little girl long term. This little soul appears to be and elf/kitten hybrid and is missing part of her tail (but it's healed nicely) and she has been to the vet for meds for worms and a wellness check. Other then the intestinal worms which are being treated, she's in excellent health and shot and spay expenses will be provided.   She is just a love and wants only to be held, purring even at the vet and she interacts well with other pets.

If anyone is interested in adding her to your family drop me a (do not post) message with a phone number or  email address and I'll have my friend contact you or drop me an email at cliodna58atgmaildotcom.

My friend is off  work weekends and could arrange a drop off if you'd like to adopt this sweet little girl (Abby the Lab thinks all small creatures are full of squeakers so a small kitty would not be a good fit in our house).


  1. Hari OM
    Awww sqquueeeee... and her name shall be Purrrrty... everything crossed she finds a furever home!!! YAM xx

  2. We hope that cute little kitty finds a good home!

    1. Thank you Ghostwriter - she got a home and it's a good one. Such a cutie!


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