Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dog Treats - Not Just for Dogs Any More!

Today was the last day before Christmas our dog walker was going to be here.  We use a professional service from a nearby Village and Abby just loves her walkers, who come in when I'm in the office, the husband is on the road, or I have a busy telework day

We had some gifts for them all, and they always send a gift and a card or two to us.

One of the cards was handmade by Abby's primary walker, a retired female postal carrier. Abby just adores Jan.  It was 3D and SO clever and cute.  It had her name on the cover with Christmas printing and the inside popped out with all kinds of Christmas cheer.  We loved it.
Then there was a package of Petit Fours, so exquisitely decorated..  Last year we got a couple of cookies which I thought were people cookies until I bit into them.  Nope, dog cookies.

But who makes Petit Fours cakes for DOGS.  Since Abby is on a grain limited diet I figured they were for Mom and Dad.

So I fell for it yet again.

I bit into one and found it totally non-sweet and hard as all get out.  My husband is reading the wrapper as I spit out the pieces.
We had a pretty good laugh about it, but then the teasing started (he took a day off to hang out with me today while I teleworked).

"So, it's been sort of a RUFF day, hasn't it?

"I think I need to go get you some more root beer, I hear that they have BARQ's for sale?"

It got worse later on, as I'm still flossing out bits of rock hard dog treat.

"So, a trained federal investigator are you?"

"Bloodhound of the law?"

We were just about rolling on the floor laughing as Abby looked at us funny.  But she found them a lot more tasty than I did.  Thank you Jan and Sue and Lou!


  1. Mom Kim here - those treats do look yummy and who would have thought they would be for dogs? I have never seen dog treats like that - not even in the fresh treat case at Three Dog Bakery. I probably would have tried them too unless told otherwise.

  2. BOL! Silly humans, always trying to get our treats.

  3. This is Chester's mom. Many years ago a kind neighbor gave my parents' dog Ebony a "dog salami" treat for Christmas. My mom had no clue that this gift, which was included with the people gifts, was not for people. We had a house full of dinner guests and mom appears from the kitchen with a lovely appetizer try - which included carefully sliced dog salami. Unfortunately no one realized her "faux paw" until most of it had been served and my uncle asked her where she bought it as it had an offputting taste! We teased her for years and asked if there was going to be "special cold cuts" at Christmas dinner.

  4. Instructions are for reading after you screw up in this house, too. They do look human grade. BOL!

    Dog-walking as an ex-postal worker, sounds just the thing.

  5. In your defense, those do look tasty!

  6. Mom thinks that a lot of our treats, especially ones with pumpkin and/or cinnamon smell good enough to eat. Thankfully for us, they don't seem to quite appeal to her palate as much as they do ours:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Those look incredibly yummy! I'm sure Dad and ghostwriter would have tasted them too!

  8. I'd have totally fallen for it too. Adorably cute.


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