Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dog Daze of Summer

Today was our first really "hot" day out after a June that included temps down in the low 40's.  Time to see if Lorelei will like the kiddy pool.  Abby Lab will not set a paw into it.
Look Lorelei, Dad has your pool filled up.
And you can fetch your ball from it.
Look, Dad is standing like a flamingo Lorelei.
I'd rather play fetch!

That was fun Dad, move that
big pink water dish and
let's throw it again.


  1. Hari OM
    And there I was thinking Labradors were into water... YAM xx

    1. Both dogs existed to make puppies for profit. They'd not been in a house, knew what water was, living their whole life in a pen or cage. Barkley was the offspring of a coworkers AKC dog and he lived for the water. Abby and Lareli have no concept of what water is. Neither to this day will get on the bed with us.

  2. I only get in da pool when it's super hot - it has to be about 100 or so.

  3. Some dogs just never get the concept of cooling off in the water. I know neither of mine have and avoid wetness above all other forms of inconvenience.

  4. Try again another day ... one never knows ... DD is also a rescue, but little by little, some "old stuff" seems to be falling to the wayside.

  5. I like to play in the water as long as it's not too deep. Maybe tomorrow my peeps will fill up my little pool.

  6. Angel Greta was the only one that liked to get in the pool!
    Mabel & Hilda

  7. We had to get rid of our little pool. Bella loved to get in it, then go roll in the dirt, and repeat several times. She need a bath every time she used it. It's early days and she might get in it...or not.

  8. Gurl, I totally agree!!!! Ma bought me one of those HUGE water dishes when I was a wee lass too! And I did the same thingie ~ 'no...YOU get in the pool!". Like you said, it was a pawsome water dish though!
    Ruby ♥

  9. what a super pool party.---for your dad LOL

  10. Indy is terrfied of bodies of water. Shiloh only deigns to lay down in dirty ditch water. Bullet used to sit on the steps in our pool at the prior house, but wouldn't swim. Ranger was our pool dog, earning the name Rhodesian Dogfish!


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