Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Doors Closing, Windows Opening

Folks - I'm going to be offline as far as the blog for at least the next two weeks outside of the occasional funny dog photo.  I found out this week a dear friend of mine, Lyn Vandebrake, who is also an author, was diagnosed with cancer the end of August after she came out in her Glamper Camper and stayed with me during a U.P. book signing tour while Partner in Grime was on the road. It was a great visit - we stayed up well in the wee hours talking about her life on her family farm, her children, our writing projects (she's an award-winning travel author) and life in general. She had little appetite at supper but a dram of whiskey was poured and we just talked and talked.
Even though we'd gotten little sleep we were up with the dawn as she had to head out for her book signing up north and the last thing I remember was her jaunty wave with a "Love you!" as she drove off, fearless, into the crazy Chicago traffic towing a Bright Aqua Retro Camper behind an extended cab, long bed farm pickup truck.

Unfortunately, when she got home, further testing has revealed she has just weeks to live. Lyn is a Christian and knows where she is headed and is at peace but one thing was troubling her.

She had a new book in progress (through a traditional publisher) but it is a few chapters shy of being finished and she is unsure if she can at this point as her strength is quickly leaving her.  She asked me to co-author it so I can write the last few chapters and then can take over coordinating the editing and publication with her publisher if she is gone at that time. All the sales are going to an animal rescue in Iowa, where she lives on a farm and payment of the royalties has been set up already.
She has published with this publisher before and they are very supportive of whatever it takes to get it into print.  It's a book about rescue Beagles, intended for young adult to adult readers, a short book with photos.

I am honored she asked me but with a very busy work schedule (federal end of the fiscal year), I probably won't have time for any lengthy blog posts for a couple of weeks.

I'll be on Facebook and will see you all back here in just a few chapters. As always prayers for her are welcome.   LBJ



  2. Oh, all our thoughts and love are with your friend. What a comfort you are to her, to know her last project will be finished no matter what!

  3. Blessings and prayers for you and your friend.


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