Friday, June 5, 2020

A Dog's Wisdom

"Dog's don't know the word "love". To them it's just a word like any other, a sound that defines or simply fills a lack, a word they don't need to know any more than they need to know the word for fear and pride. Yet, though they can't articulate it, they show it, as though nothing else had ever been, our form the shape and echo of all that is necessary to them.

--from  "The Book of Barkley" by LB Johnson


  1. Hari Om
    One of the many beautiful passages from the book! Hope you all remain well and the the 'sell-Ulight-Us' is under control. YAM xx

  2. Dogs definitely know how to do unconditional. Have a weekend filled with love.

  3. You simply know your dog loves you, actions are their language.

  4. But they show love, I'm sure of it, so even if they don't know the word, they understand It.


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