Monday, June 15, 2020

Chewy Adventures

Abby Lab here.  Mom and Dad both took a vacation day today so I have my humans both home.  Yay - what's for breakfast Mom?

 Pup-overs!  Mom IS feeling better!
Mom has been under the weather with an infection in her foot but she's on the mend thanks to a whole bunch of antibiotics.  She even tried to do a bit of her normal tri-weekly workout.  Dad said she was "huffing and puffing" pretty hard for such an easy exercise. Then she made HIM do the chair crunch exercise and he got sort of quiet.
I'll keep your Yoda mat warm Mom while you do the weights.

But even better than having Mom and Dad home at the same time was the big package that came in the mail!

Yes, it's from Chewy. Mom placed an order last week so I wouldn't run low on food or treats. She ordered it and it was here before we knew it.  Chewy is awesome - no traffic, no parking, no lines at the big box mart pet store.
Yay!  Chewy!!!
 Wow - I got TWO kinds of treats?
On the left is the usual ones I alternate with my Orijin brand freeze-dried duck treats (also from It's Blue Buffalo Basic grain-free treats.  The NEW one is also from Blue Buffalo and it's called a HEALTH Bar.
I remember Mom telling me she ate a Health Bar every day and was gaining weight.
I think Mom can't spell.

These Blue Buffalo Health Bars are baked with Pumpkin and Cinnamon and they have Omega 3 for my immune system and they're really big and crunchy to help keep my teeths clean. They're made with healthy oatmeal, barley, and carrots NOT the corn and soy and wheat that a lot of dogs like me can't digest well. Mom said they weren't egg-pensive either, with a big bag at a fair price.
Wow - it's a HUGE biscuit.
Are you sure that's for me Dad?
Wait -  this is too tasty and large to be a dog treat.  Am I in trouble for eating it?

Wag tail - look guilty - works every time.

Yay, it IS for me!! Watch my tail go hyper-sonic! (and don't tell Lorelei Lab - she's still sleeping on the bed in the closet.)


  1. So glad to bear mom is getting better. Hope you got to try a lot of treats!

  2. Wow! You're a lucky doggie! Hope Mom feels better soon!

  3. Wow, you got some super good treats. I made frozen banana blueberry yogurt treats for Teddy and Keltic.

  4. Those pup-overs look like Yorkshire Puddings. I'll bet those treats were good. I made Teddy and Keltic frozen blueberry banana yogurt treats.

  5. Chewy's and stay-at-home mom' that's a great way to start every day. Hope you saved some for your sister.

  6. Yoda mat ..hee many funnies in this post. What a character.


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