Monday, December 27, 2021

Another treat deprived Labrador

 Every evening at 6:30 Lorelei gets her "yogurt treat" - a big dollop of plain or vanilla nonfat yogurt in a small dish.  She and Abby Lab LOVED that, and would definitely let you know if you forgot.

Whoever is up and around the kitchen will get it, sometimes my husband, sometimes me.

The other night, he was in the shop and Lorelei came to me with the "hey, I never got my yogurt treat look" laying on the pitiful look quite thick.

So I got her the treat as it was almost 7 pm.

Just as she was finishing up my husband got back into the house and said "Hey, she ALREADY got her yogurt treat - did she tell you she hadn't?"

Lorelei wouldn't look me in the eyes.

Me:  "I was Lab-boozled!"

Who ME?  Would I do such a thing?


  1. Hari OM
    BOL - good one Lorelei!!! Are you a fan of Olive and Mabel? I think you will like them and find much to identify with. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    Pee-ess to mum; I have just spent a most enjoyable hour watching this... If you are not familiar, AC is one of our top sports commentators in the UK and did a lovely series of vids on the YTube, which I think, if you haven't seen them, you will very much enjoy! Yxx

  2. That has happened to us so many times...Lexi was a master at it. Now we check with each other when we suspect one of us is being "played."

  3. That made me laugh! Pets sure know how to manipulate us - and we love it!!!!

  4. smart girl!
    Most mornings, when I work out of the house, I don't feed the dogs before I leave as they are usually back in bed. However, because our dogs try the same stunts, the Man usually calls to make sure! Lee and Phod

  5. Ah yes, the oh laboozled trick. Our choc lab, Brandy girl would insist that she did not get her after dinner treat. Problem for me was, she would play tricks on the 2 kids first. So they each would give her a treat without my catching it. She was a very smart girl💕. Lorelei is adorable!

  6. Oh, yes, Labs are good at that! Bailey and Morgan would be proud of her!

  7. I no longer live with family, so do not experience the daily dealings with Dougie Dog (the lab I love and miss terribly) ... but oh yes, he could perform his magic tricks with the best of them, and everyone in the family fell for them. Two breakfasts, of course! Multiple treats before bed, easy peasy! OMD, smarty labs!


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