Saturday, December 25, 2021

Have a Geeky Christmas - 2021

 It wouldn't be Christmas at the Johnson house if I didn't post the year's Geeky gifts.  Christmas Eve was a traditional turkey dinner (since I was in the hospital over Thanksgiving), and like a 5-year old I woke my husband up about 5 a.m. because "There's presents. . . and coffee. . . did I mention COFFEE".

The Color Wheel was turned on, and the
stuffie and all of the elves were ready.

This year there was more of the practical for him as his work has his traveling, often to places colder than here.  So warm vests, hats, sweaters, pj's, etc., and then, the fun stuff.

His stocking had an assortment of toiletries and snackables as well as the next Green New Deal vehicle. The balloon didn't have the face of a politician on it - but we might remedy that.

My tactical stocking came well equipped.  The dogs are little pens - and the magnets are perfect for our three favorite Labs - Barkley  - who loved to retrieve, Abby, who hated to retrieve unless it was edible, and Lorelei - who just loves her ball (but maybe loves the one on the ground more. . .let's see.)

Let the nerdiness begin:

Yay - just what the Doctor ordered - a flash fill light for my Canon (so evening dinner photos have proper foodables illumination).

Always - we have to have out T-shirts.

And things for good, clean fun.

To keep him occupied - some Russian surplus tool stuff, books to read, and a desk organizer for telework central downstairs.

I scored in the girly stuff department (and no jokes about the Vegan cookbook there to the right of the "secret squirrel" desk mascot, it was on my wish list as I cook meat free several meals a week and can only do so much "beans and rice").
And there's the illustrated copy of Backyard Ballistics!  I'm not sure what a Cincinnati Fire Kite is, but I guarantee one will likely be built by summer.

I wondered what the noise was down in the shop - finally, some organization for my utility drawer AND some new knives!~

"Really Honey - you bought me a broom?"

Oh wait - it's a disguised walking stick - made out of a deer antler and hickory - because hickory is perfect if you need to whack the )*# out of someone because they called your "walking stick" a "cane" (PT on the leg IS going well, up to walking 2 miles a day now but it's been uphill).

For extra safety, I can walk with the guy with the flashing LED beanie.

It also has red and blue "police light" lights, just in case one of us needs to make a "traffic stop" to pick up dog poop while on K9 walking duty.
A little something for the shop wall.
And the living room wall

We couldn't forget Lorelei Lab. The "death tail" is an indicator she's happy with her duck.


  1. Hari OM
    ...and a very merry Christmas to you all!!! YAM xx

  2. You two were made for one another. Your gifts are so clever.

  3. Those are some very cool gifts! (We remember the Trunk Monkey---hehehehe)
    Here's a link to a video you fellow science geeks might like. Be sure to hit the closed captions in order to get translation from Russian. Happy Holidays!

  4. Great geek gifts. I gave Jeff a couple of things, and he has focused on the gloves with built in lights for working on the electronic things he fixes.

  5. LOVE that tactical stocking! How cool is that? Looks like you had a lovely 'howliday.' 🎄

  6. Merry Christmas and you had me at "Cincinnati Fire Kite."


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