Sunday, September 3, 2017

Prayers for Kinley Westie's Human Grandpa

For those of you that don't visit the Power of the Paw link on the right sidebar  (and if you haven't please check it out - it's a great, caring community)- this Sunday and through the next few days please send prayers or healing thoughts to the family of:

Kinley's human grandpa, who is only 60, has suffered a sudden and serious neurological issue which requires brain surgery and could possibly impact his life long term in a not so good way. We know how much he is loved by his wife and daughter and all the pups and we are sending as many prayers as we can that the surgery not only removes the tumor safely but also provides healing from the issues that resulted from it.

By the way Kinley - we have the whole Scandinavian Prayer chain at our Lutheran church going on this so if your Mom ever does decide to have human sisters and brothers for you - you have to name the firstborn Lena or Ole. (Any readers in Minnesota will get this).

 Seriously though, we are holding you close in our prayers.

The Johnson Family and Abby Lab


  1. lots of prayers for Kinley's grandpa. Thanks for sharing
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Such a sad situation, and poor Grandpa is soooo young. We have all our paws crossed and Mom has sent some of those prayers his way. Hoping for a good outcome.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. we've been sending POTP for Kinley's Granddad. We know it is a worrying time for them.

  4. The Power of The Paw and Prayer is a mighty one here in Blogville.
    Thanks for letting us all know and reminding us all to check the
    POTP link. Also praying for our friends in TX.


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