Monday, May 7, 2018

Chewy Delivers, but Home Distribution Fails - An Abby Sulk

 Unopened Chewy box delivered 
 I'm trying not to look at it.
Abby - you already have food and treats - it's going to have to wait until Dad gets home, as Dad's flight into O'Hair is running late and I'm not going to wrestle with it until then. It's heavy and you already have food and treats open.

It's morning!  And Dad made it home
 I'm still going to pretend to sulk 
 Feigning mild disinterest
 Treats fell out - it's a different color - is it a new flavor?
 I have to check this out.
 Wow, Chewy sent a whole bunch of treats with my bag of food.
 It's the Mother Lode!
MMMM - lamb and apple Blue Stix - these are as good as the salmon and potato so now I have TWO favorites!


  1. That really knows how to treat us well, don't they? Hope you enjoy those treats.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Abby, we can't believe that you were made to WAIT!

  3. Now THAT is something fun to wait for!

  4. I hate when my momma won't open da box right away!

  5. Why are humans like that?! HELLO, the box is here, OPEN IT!!!

  6. Abby I understand you... an unopened box next to you is a challenge but a box next to you from chewy is a must-open-case ;O)))


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