Friday, May 4, 2018

Finders Keepers

I work from home about 4 days a week.  My day job only requires me to go in when we have a big meeting, hearing, or a trial and the author stuff is all done at home.  We converted the large master bedroom in our Bungalow to an office/den, using the smaller first floor back bedroom to sleep in. This gives me a well-ventilated room (it has two doors, one to the hall and one to the living room) with lots of windows for me to work with good light plus a cozy place for us to curl up with the dog in the evening and watch a movie on the large computer screen.

There is a futon in there that Abby the Rescue believes is hers and hers alone. There's room for all three of us on it, but most nights when we sit on either side of her, she gives a long sigh and a glare and moves to her fancy Orvis dog bed at our feet. She does NOT like sharing her futon.

During the day, while I work away, she will curl up in a little ball, and not move except to greet the dog walker that comes by mid-day if I'm particularly busy.
BUT, the very instant she hears the computer shut off, knowing I'm done for the day, she stretches out as LOOOONG as she can physically get so there is no room for me to sit next to her.

Abby, I'm on to you :-)


  1. I think Abby would tell you that timing is everything, and hers appears to be perfect! :-) !

  2. BOL! Abby, don't you know the best thing is cuddling on the couch WITH your momma?!


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