Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stormy Weather

Unlike Barkley, Abby Lab hates the water.  She won't go for a walk in it unless she REALLY has to go potty and you take an umbrella.  The kiddie pool was a total bust, she wouldn't eve step in it for a treat.  She even walks funny if the grass is wet, as if trying not to put her full weight down.
Late yesterday the remnants of  Tropical Storm Alberto barrelled over Chicagoland.  There was very little thunder or lightning but boy did it rain, pouring for about an hour enough that there was flash flooding in parts of the city.  It cleared out pretty quickly and since our driveway and street are torn up for new paving, my husband took Abbey for the alternate walk route, down our graveled alley which had some significant spots with pooled water.

Imagine my surprise when they came back and formerly dry Miss Abby was thoroughly soaked and HAPPY.

Apparently, she may not like water but she LOVES mudpuddles!

Abby is sending a big shout out to her dear friend Frankie Further who is having a barkday today.  His Mom said his present arrived.  It's a handmade stuffie that looks like Abby from one of our favorite Etsy site


  1. A retriever that doesn't like water? Actually my angel sister Miss Ginger hated to get her feet wet, even if it was only dew on the grass. Angel Joey wasn't crazy about water either. I, however, love to wade in pools and play in the bathtub, and don't care about rainy weather or wet grass. Oh and mud puddles? They're the best!!

    Happy birthday Frankie! We miss you!

  2. That would be the same tale for Misty - hates being all wet but so enjoys tromping through the mud:) Now if there is thunder and lightning, she won't go out - a new fear for her. Timber and Lightning don't mind being soaked to the bone and the both love mud too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. I'm with you Abby!!!! mud puddles are great... maybe if the mama would throw some mud in the bathtub I would like to jump in ;O)

  4. Sam is like Abby. He even walks around puddles on the sidewalk. Happy Barkday to Frankie!

  5. We are not big fans of water either Abby
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. We love mud puddles too!! We bet Frankie loved his pressie!

    Keep Calm & Mud On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. We have mixed emotions about water in our house...the boys can't stand it, but Rosy could care less, and will run around in the pouring rain.


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