Saturday, November 15, 2014

Barkley hits the United Kingdom

The Book of Barkley has hit the top 100 in Dog Genre books at Amazon three times since it was published this summer thanks to the support of those of you who have read my blog and various magazine stories over the years.   But I was very excited this morning to get the first review up at Amazon UK, as it's only sold a handful of copies overseas. Thank you Paulette - herself an award winning author of two books including "His Name Was Ben"which  also a story about a wonderful dog that I look forward to reading soon.  Thank you all of you who are sharing the book on your blogs, twitter, or Facebook-- by reviews or links or telling a friend.  So far almost $1900 in royalties on the book have been donated to dog rescue efforts in the United States, as well as several dozen  autographed copies of the book for animal rescue auctions.

She gave it 5 stars.

By Paulette Mahurin
Format: Kindle Edition

Between two photos—one a black-haired puppy and the other an older dog, the hair turned gray—is a story, a love story of a woman and her dog, Barkley. Those of us dog lovers (dog parents) know this story all too well and yet it can never be told enough for in the reading a joy is rekindled of what it is to adopt a puppy and share our lives with them as they grow and forever steal our hearts. But this is no ordinary dog story about the love of a dog, it is a soul-searching journey on the depth of passion brought to Johnson’s life from Barkley, where the light shines brightly and reflection begins to make new sense. Flashbacks of the author’s past are interspersed throughout the story to give depth to Johnson’s relationship with Barkley: as he picked her to own him, when he discovers that doggie perfume does not spray out of skunks, his first bath and swim in a pond, singing along on a car ride, his fast-eating-and-barfing presents, wily antics to steal pancakes, and so much more. This is a dog the reader will fall in love with. This is also an author the reader will fall in love with as we get to know her, as she opens her heart, and pours out her soul. “I talk to my dog,” she writes, and one can only imagine that these are some of her best conversations with her beloved friend, Barkley, the friend who brought her to her destiny—the man she was to marry. This exceedingly well-written story, commendable for a first book, will leave you wanting to hug Barkley. And, his best friend, L. B. Johnson

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