Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Rescuers - A Tale of Dogs that Got Lucky and Some Needing that Luck

I sent the picture above to a pilot friend of mine with two German Shepherds, saying "I found the picture your Mom posted on the internet when you were learning to drive".  Both of his rescue dogs were pretty much unadoptable.  One was very large and not at all socialized, and the other was very, very sick with heartworm and other issues.  He still took them in, providing some patient socialization and training, never giving up.  Now he has two wonderful dogs and loyal companions..  Not all dogs need that effort.  Abby my rescue lab mix came here fully trained and well mannered.  Like most  of the dogs in rescue, she wasn't a problem dog, she was just unwanted and was just really, really scared, on the "kill list".  In her case,  Love of Labs volunteers drove 12 hours round trip to save her from being put down simply for being heartworm positive and unwanted.  They got her the Vet care she needed to save her life and got her into a loving home, in this case, one very much in need of the love of a Lab.

Not all dogs have it so lucky.  On this Saturday while you enjoy your day, take a moment to read about a dog that could use a friend.  I made a small re-occurring donation via Pay Pal, and hope you will consider it. With what I have learned about rescue organizations since I got Abby, I made a commitment to donate at least 10% of the proceeds from The Book of Barkley to many such organizations and am trying to spread the word as best I can.

Even $5 can save a life. If you can't donate, please spread the word via social media or email.
click on the name of the organization above to go to their website.

Last call before it is too late for Camilla!
The crowded animal shelter was just terrifying for her - she probably has never been out of her own backyard before. She tried her best, but all she seemed to be able to do was huddle down in the far corner of her run, quietly shivering. She wanted to try to make friends but she was so overwhelmed. She knew things weren’t going well; she had a sense of the imminent danger that was upon her. We want Camilla’s story to have a happy ending.
Can you help?

Please donate to keep this sweet girl from dying:
No amount is too small. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for caring.
CMcA for RJ

UPDATE:  I was contacted by the Westside folks last night and Camilla has been removed from the shelter prior to being put down and is being readied for adoption.  Thank you everyone here and all the folks who also supported her on Facebook, which is where I found out about her.


  1. You continue to do good deeds, Brigid. We will be donating our time and efforts, and most likely some cash too, next weekend at the TIRR Fall Open House event.

  2. Thanks Vic - I hope the open house goes well, and perhaps Peter will get his copy of the book. If there is anything I can do from a distance to help out with it, please one of you, let me know.

  3. I've been doing my bit for years now, including taking dogs when I can. I CANNOT, I repeat, I CANNOT foster. They just end up staying, as once I fall in love, and that takes almost no time at all, the dog is MINE.

    But I can donate $$ and I do. I gave them a lovely 1986 Toyota Supra which sold for a danged good price as it was pristine. The $$ went to the Angels fund. That's the fund that is used for really old dogs that probably will never be adopted.

    PROBABLY never. But given my age and the very real possibility of me not outliving a young dog, I may start taking in the older 'unadoptable' dogs.

    I have one rescue snoring away at my feet. 14 years old now. When I got him 13 years ago, he was on 'death row'. Unadoptable. Feral. Sick unto death and nearly dead of starvation. In a cage in a shelter with several other dogs - the cage meant for one dog. (Many shelters do the best they can, but their resources are so limited.) My cousin calls me and says "Jani, you gotta come and take this one." The rest is history...

    You are a gem for focusing on German Shepherd Dogs - they really are special. We owe them a debt of gratitude that I don't think can ever be repaid. They've been war dogs (and treated as throw away garbage by the 'powers that be'), guide dogs, family guardians, companions... They all deserve good, solid 'forever' homes...


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