Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paw-ing It Forward

I just left the Hendricks County Humane Society Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, with my little point and shoot camera (it goes until 9:30 but after being up since 4 and doing a 12 hour day, I was done.)

There were dozens of beautiful, cute, and flat-out whimsical gift baskets to be bid on--wine, dog gifts, weekend getaways, sporting tickets.  So many people donating so generously to an organization that does so much in Indiana for the dogs--rescue and adoption, education programs, spay and neuter and even donating $10,000 to the first leash free dog park in the county (where I lived for many years before moving). I was driving, so I had one taste of wine, an Elk Cove Pinot Gris which I WILL be buying more of. They had all kinds of wines to try, and food, and chocolate. What a great idea to get animal lovers together.

And look!  Up by the raffle tickets with Billie Jo and Linda from HCHS -  a familiar face! It's Barkley!  I autographed a BUNCH of the books, which I had bought direct from the publisher and donated, to add to baskets and sell at a bargain price, with all of the proceeds going to HCHS.
One of the people that bought a book said "You're on the top 100 best selling list  for dog books at Amazon!" at which point I said "seriously?"  There it was. Cool.  Barkley would be happy to be famous enough to help the people who helped make the dog park he loved in his last days actually happen.

So many people put time and effort into this but I wanted to offer a big thanks as well to sponsors- The UPS Store in Brownsburg, Ray's Trash Service (removing shredded  and de-squeaked Barkley toys for years at my old home) and Big Red Liquors (a seriously good selection of Single Malt's and the nicest people).
I missed a night home with my husband, but he understood that I wanted to help and that I have seen first hand, the good this fine organization does. It was worth it (and I seriously hope I'm the winning bid on the basket that had all the dog AND people snacks in it!)


  1. Outstanding, and yes you (and Barkley) are up there!

  2. what a great event. I hope they raised a lot of money to help dogs. I always wonder why we haven't such events in France too... probably too much "laisse faire" :o)

  3. Old NFO -= thanks Jim!

    easyweimaraner - thanks for stopping! They had a great turnout. I didn't stay long, my Dad had to go to the the hospital with something that would be minor but for his age, so I needed to take off to check on him. I got a call today that one item I bid on, I was the highest bidder, so that is happy news.


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