Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Abby Adventures

Mom was working late and didn't get up at 5 a.m. yesterday, like she usually does so I barked once to wake her up in case she forgot. She said it was a "day off". 

But she stayed up and after letting me out, she made eggnog pancakes for Dad.
I offered to catch them like a Frisbee but she said no.  She's no fun at all early in the morning.

But she and Dad are both home and the weather has been unusually warm in Chicago.  There are still leaves on the ground and it hasn't snowed yet!
The bat thermometer says it's 40. My new home is small but it's snug and warm.  Mom says it's a "Mission Bungalow".  I don't know if that's like "Mission Impossible" but I like it and they let me nap on the sofas which is just awesome.
I helped Mom bundle up some books she autographed and is donating to PAWS - No Kill Animal Shelter for a fundraiser they are having in March.  Mom is helping other dogs and cats  like me that ended up in a shelter without a furever home and PAWS is making sure they do all they can to help.
Oh boy - her friends are here.  They drove all the way from another town to see me again.
Mrs. O is Native American and has the most beautiful black hair, just like me.
She said my fur is SO soft and shiny and called me "Princess Wondercoat."

Pet me, pet me, pet me.
I like Mom and Dad's friends.

After visiting with them, dominoes were played and my people did a lot of laughing.
Mom made roasted red pepper lasagna for dinner.  And biscuits.  I suggested stuffing the Kong with the lasagna, but again - she said no. I love my mom but she's seriously stingy with the people food though I get some tasty doggie food with sweet potato and other nummy things in it.
Pretty soon the sun started to go down.  One more walk for me!
Then Mom and Dad put on their PJ's and bathrobes to watch TV with me after the dishes were done (seriously - I said I could lick them clean).
Dad's pajamas are funny.  Mom bought them for Valentine's Day for him.

We sat in the family room and watched the TV show Bones.  Bones!  Bones!  So many bones! I like my furever home.


  1. Yes, I agree Princess Wondercoat, that's perfect to describe this wonderful fur!
    Easy Rider

  2. It looks like you have a lovely home. So your mom won't give you lasagna huh? We think that is selfish of her. If you can't have it she shouldn't either. So package it up nicely and send it to our mom, ooops, I meant us. BTW, mom finished reading me the book about your brother Barkley who came before you. We liked the stories but are sad that he got such a bad disease.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Mark Muller - thanks!

    Murphy - Thanks! Mom used to have a huge house but she sold it and gave all her fancy furniture to charity and downsized getting this 100 year old house to restore (it needed it) when she married Dad last year. She says she's SO much happier and had fun with Dad getting all the furniture here for free cuz peeps were throwing it out and restoring it all. She made all new cushions and covers for the sofas that are easy to clean so I can be up on the couch as much as I want. Yay!

    Barkley is missed but Mom is glad his story is now helping other dogs.

    Abby the Lab

  4. I like Princess Wondercoat - we call Harlow Princess Fluffybutt for well, her fluffy butt. I wish I had known Barkley, but am really glad to get a chance to meet Abby.

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. Hope to meet Abby someday.


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