Friday, December 5, 2014

PAW IT FORWARD - Holiday Photo Contest

Miss Piggy is a lab rescue that belongs to an online friend and supporter of The Book of Barkley--  one of the folks at Lab Rescue of the LRCP (Maryland).

They've entered Miss Piggy in a photo contest for Quaker Pet Group.  VOTING ENDS IN JUST A FEW HOURS AND THERE'S ONLY 7 VOTES BETWEEN 1ST and 2ND PLACE.  The winner wins a BIG box of dog toys which Miss Piggy's Mom hopes to win for tthe Rescue Group's many dogs as they await their forever homes.

Please click on the link tonight and vote for Miss Piggy (Black lab on first page)  You click on the little box above and to the right of the dog.  They collect NO personal information from your click.

Thanks for helping my friends while I head home for the weekend.

Here's the Link!


  1. OK, we better check it out. Mom just read me the story about the tumor on Barkley's eye. Now we are scared to keep reading! We just posted some impawtent information and dates about upcoming events you will want to check!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Murphy - not to spoil the story, but the eye tumor was caught early and taken care of by Barkley's great Vet. Dr. H. (who I just LOVE). Barkley lived a very long and full life before he went to the Rainbow Bridge to likely chew on Jesus's sandals while he waits for Mom and Dad and I. I hope that the story about that event will help Dog Mom's and Dad's to pay attention to some things that seem like nothing, but that can be very scary for us dogs and sometimes dangerous.

    We saw the post! - Mom almost "puddled" she was laughing so hard at the bit about Puddles new job assignment.

  3. Just heard from Quaker Pet group! Miss Piggy WON! YAY! It was an excellent thing her Pawrent decided to do with giving the box o'toys to the rescue group.


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