Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canine Aerodynamics

50+ mph winds at home tonight.  I'd like to stay in but I have a pet that wants to go out real quick to potty.

Just think . . . . . Control Line Labrador Retriever.   (No!  No! Abby - elevator UP, trim, then drop the cargo load!)

You all stay safe out there, this is a nasty line of storms.

The Johnson Family


  1. Barharhar....yep been out there with that wind a a wet backside...learned real quik what to do!

    Da Sus

  2. We saw all that nasty headed your direction! We do not miss tornado drills and warnings at all! Hope you fared well in the storm!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Suzie and Sidebite - it was a "dark and stormy night" - that was for sure.

    Murphy and Stanley - as it often does the worst of it went to our north, and to our south but it was a bit too close for comfort. We had just a few branches down, but a dry basement.

    Not much sleep though. . . time for a zzzzzzzzzz

  4. We have high winds too. Fortunately our yard has some protection from the worst of it.


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