Monday, April 27, 2015

Mom Says it IS Like Giving Birth

Writing a Book.

Mom should know - she had my big sissie Rebecca after 34 hours in labor - a beautiful red haired girl who was 10 pounds 6 ouches (that's not a typo, Mom says).  This was the baby to be named Grace - that she gave up for adoption as a college student.

So I asked Mom - why is writing a book like having a baby? This is what she told me - 

It starts with great anticipation, is filled with moments of joy, discomfort, and the occasional sleepless night while thoughts kick from inside, with no place to go.  It takes months and months for it to grow and develop and it seems like the day it is born will never be here.

Then it's done, painfully and protractedly.  Finally, you hold it in your hands, loving it because it's part of you, the most painfully shy, weak, strong, courageous and foolish parts of you.

But remember, there's ALWAYS going to be someone who has never been through the experience that's going to say "Ugly Baby."

It's all worth it.

"Hard times and lean times are only forever if you believe they are.  If you refuse to, they are simply brief glances in which, for a moment without measure or context, will lie in your sights the portent of all  that you think you cannot bear but will, there between the darkness and the light."
 - Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption


  1. Well...our Mom says...she never wrote a book....but if it is like having a baby...shae is not going to write one.

    The Mad Scots

  2. Yes, it is very difficult. Speaking of which . . . dang that was a big baby!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Murphy - after it was all over they said I couldn't have anything to eat-- the birth was natural and fairly rough. I bribed a candystriper into getting me two roast beef sandwiches, two ice cream bars and a coke. Heaven.


    Susie and Sidebite - I have thoroughly enjoyed both books especially this last one which my 94 year old Dad is SO looking forward to. They adopted us out of foster care - two redheads and they were in their 40's. Can't have been easy and I loved them for it.


  4. If anyone of you want a Kindle copy but want to read right away, go ahead and order the papaerback (they will be in stock tomorrow) and I'll gift you a kindle copy when that comes out.


  5. I like what your mom said... and I'm sure that's right... even to find the idea for a book is not easy :o)
    easy rider


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