Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Outings

Abby the Lab here.  We had some hot days earlier in the month so Dad took Mom to a local village for her favorite ice cream at Tate's (it's a family owned ice cream parlor and shop that makes ALL their own ice cream and I can get my own in a perfect dog sized cup to eat on the bench outside of the store.)
It's easy to spot because of what Mom calls  "Clifford the Big Red Chair" out in front (unless it's windy when Clifford comes inside so he doesn't fly away and end up stuck in a tree.).
MMMM - candied pecan ice cream for Mom, Irish Mocha for Dad and Vanilla for me! Tate's Ice Cream is the best in Chicago!

Several of the restaurants in this little burb have outdoor seating and dogs are allowed at a few, so sometimes they let  me tag along.

Mom had one stop to make, a little restaurant that makes the BEST Argintine Empanadas.  It's called Empanadus and has a location in Riverside AND LaGrange in Chicagoland.  Empanadas are these wonderfully flaky pastries that look like little turnovers,  full of veggies and meats and various cheeses.  Mom said it's SO worth the drive there to get a box lunch or take home something for dinner. You can buy one or a hundred and get them fresh and hot or uncooked and frozen to do yourself at home.
Mom says they are absolutely addictive and there all kinds of flavors including six different veggie ones (like the corn with bechamel sauce and nutmeg or the Caprese with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and young basil)  or Mom's favorite with has ground beast, spanish and green onion, hard boiled eggs and spices.  Mom HATES hardboiled eggs so she wasn't too sure on that one but after her first bite one that Dad had, she went back in and bought a dozen, they are SO savory, she said.

They also have dessert ones such as nutella and banana, and apple and cinnamon and there are salads and soups and some wonderful non alcoholic drinks to have.  We weren't going to eat here though, just get some empanadas frozen to take home for dinner.

Mom didn't think they allowed dogs inside, so I'll just take a peek in while she goes in the door.

It's the world's biggest Empanada Stuffie!

Great Leaping Horny Toads Mom - it's Six Feet TALL!!
What do you mean I can't play with it? You're no fun Mom.
MMM - fresh from our oven. Mom was happy not to cook after all the packing and unpacking.
Almost had it.  Next time that giant stuffie is MINE.


  1. Our mom has never tried them before so maybe we will buy her one for Christmas. Any more than one and mom would eat it all at once. She is like that, we have to monitor what she eats.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Hari OM
    Abby, that big E was sooooooooooo yours...........

    These sound scrumptious; it is interesting how virtually every culture has it's own version of a 'pastie'! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Our Mom sometimes makes empanadas, but says they take too much time and effort to do it very often. Plus us dogs never get to try them! It's not fair, but Mom says she puts onions and garlic in them and those things are not good for us dogs... Good luck snagging that enormous stuffie next time Miss Abby!
    --Shiloh, Ranger and Indy

  4. Ice cream and empanadas not a bad day at all but had you gotten the giant empanada too, well that would have made it a GREAT day. Better luck next time.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Just so you know.
    Your comment on my blog today made Military Husband and I lol in public. That was too funny.

  6. Ice cream and empanadas not a bad day at all but had you gotten the giant empanada, well that would have made it a GREAT day. Best of luck next time.

    Pss, this is my third attempt commenting on your blog paws crossed it works.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Your post has our mouths watering. We would probably bark like crazy at that giant stuffy.


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