Monday, October 12, 2015

Get a Gift and Help a Dog to His or Her Forever Home

Just a note from Abby Lab -

Mom just noticed that Amazon has her paperback copy of her second book  - Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption marked down to $1.56 from $13.56.   It might be to spur sales upon the announcement that her first book won Silver in the Reader's Favorite International Book Award, but for whatever reason it's a bargain and a quality printed book you would be proud to give someone.

If you want a thoughtful but cheap Christmas gift for friend or family, go check it out. She's  not sure how long the price will be that low.  Saving Grace was a #1 Amazon Best Seller and has had great critical reviews from the professional book reviewers. It's more than just about adoption, both two and four-legged,  it's a story of growing up in the 60's and coming of age in a time of great change in out country that many of you might relate to.

Like The Book of Barkley- ALL sales proceed go to animal rescue and adoption centers, this month -

as well as Search Dog Foundation where Mom matches will personally match sales to sponsor a search dog's training from rescue to rescuer.


  1. Hari OM
    Crikey that's some drop... hope there are lots of takers.... I no longer purchase books if they are available electronically - and this was a good reminder to me that I have been meaning to get Barkley and Grace for my kindle app... the timing is perfect, 'cos I just rec'd my new little tablet (book size and much better for reading) so will get onto this pronto!!! YAM xx

    1. YAM- Aunty - that's great! Both books are only 99 cents on Amazon and they are available through Amazon UK and Amazon AU (just word search the title and or author and they come up).

    2. Hari OM
      did it the minute I wrote it... both in the YAMroid Devi now... (there's a story... it's coming...) Yxx


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