Thursday, November 10, 2016

For Lexi's Mom - a Poem for the Dog and One for their Human

For My Dog 

I've loved a dog in numerous form, in formless way
in day upon day, in age upon age.
Til I could not breathe another sigh, a tear
til stopping to take the love you gave me.
My hopeful heart remaking a collar of broken hopes
that you took as a gift,wearing around your neck
in numerous form, and in formless way.

I read those tales of dogs gone before, pages of age-old pain
family torn apart and separated by time
I learned to love in their past, and took hope in you
bathed in the bright that pierces the darkness of such days
Your light illuminates what is remembered always.
for you and I have traveled those waters that flow from the earth
at the core of time, the love of dog and his human

We have journeyed and danced alongside hundreds of days
we've shared slow sweetness of meeting, the tears of farewell
Ancient devotion, in new shape renewed forever.
today it's curled up at my feet, it's ended in you.
The loving companion of all my days, both past and always
the memories of all of you merge with this one of ours
and the joy of happy barks, past and forever.

Before I knew your name or your face
you were with me, in spirit, in shapeless flame.
Still with me now, in limitless space
your nearness still warm in the air.

What time I have in the passing of the night
you will also pass, somehow, somewhere
beside me in numerous form, in formless way.

You are my dog, and I am your human
and our tale is as old as time.

LB Johnson

For My Human

I love you 
is it time for supper yet?

Abby Lab


  1. That was very sweet and touching. Thanks for joining in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. SIGH... THOSE are Beautiful Poems... and we are SURE that Angel Lexi's Peeps will LOVE them. SIGH ...

  3. Love the poems, can you believe our human sometimes forgets to eat. Thankfully she doesn't forget to feed us.

  4. You made me cry and you made me laugh. Thank you. ~Amy


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