Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of Those Face Palm Moments

Face Palm Skeleton - on my shelf of Geek.

I worked from home today to complete a legally convoluted compilation of dead electrons that involved big words, a database that hates me, and the dance of the seven interrogatories when a spider came down on a thread from the ceiling.  Abby Lab enjoys these days. She still gets a dog walker after lunchtime, as I only get 30 minutes for lunch which means that's usually "sandwich and a load of laundry going". 

We keep a large water bowl in the living room by the door, on a mat next to her food bowl.  She likes it there where she can get to it easy from all her favorite nap places.  I fill it in the morning, then top it off at lunch as she likes to drink a bunch before the walker shows up (more for pee-mail!).  Then when they get back she drinks even more. I normally then don't have to refill until after supper as by then she's had her fill.

Today, after her walk, shortly before I fed her dinner, I noticed she was looking at her water bowl which was empty but for a sheen on water on the bottom  She must have drunk a TON of water before and after her walk as I'd just filled it up before. She'd been little miss Sulky Pants today as her Dad was gone overnight last night on business so her morning food was 30 minutes late as I don't get up as early as he does AND she had to wait for a walk until it got light (it's Chicago, even in this fairly quiet area neither her dog walkers or I walk the streets in the dark), though she got some time in the fenced and lit yard while I watched from the back porch.
"Yes, Abby, I know it's Empty."  I also knew she was unlikely thirsty, having drunk pretty much a whole large bowl within the last few hours and it not being a warm day out on her walk, so I went to the sunroom to get her new bag of dog food from Chewy opened and in her food container.

When I went out to get the bowl less than 10 minutes later - she left me a sign of her irritation that I hadn't jumped to action and refilled it immediately.

Get this. . .

She POOPED in her empty water dish.  Not sure how, but her aim was spot on.

Some disinfectant, scrubbing, and lots of rinsing in clean hot water later, she had some fresh, cool water, which she barely lapped at after giving me the look that said 

"I'm gonna tell Dad!"


  1. BOL - you even made the Momster LOL:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. BOL best story I've heard all day!!!

    Aroo to you,

  3. BOL!!!!!! OMD, gurl HIGH PAW!!!!! (or butt, not sure.....) That'll teach her to not snap to it! You are one FABulous trainer! I'm making a note of this....
    Ruby ♥

  4. Well, we know what she was thinking about you! Obviously the standards had slipped. Can't believe she hit the dish.

  5. Hari OM
    BOL.. I had an incident with angel Jade and a water bowl once - but that was a case of she wasn't going to drink anything until I had paid attention to the poisonous spider sitting in the bottom of it!!! What a dance performance there was to make me understand. We peeps should never underestimate you pups, eh Abby??! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. OMD! Abby! You sure showed your momma, but you have to DRINK out of that!

  7. I thought "dance of the seven interrogatories" was going to be the thing about this post that amused me the most. I was so, so wrong.

  8. hahaha... that a special kind of super bowl... I sometimes wish I would know what they think when they do such things... or maybe it is better to have no clue?


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