Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sometimes You Need the Bigger Box

Abby Lab here.

Mom said to keep it short as she just wants to sit in the quiet for a bit. Today was a tough day. She got word late yesterday that her squirrel  partner for many years died from an aggresive brain cancer diagnosed over the holiday season. We used to tease her about him as she is sort of like "Bones" on TV, but she said "yeah, but instead of a partner who is a handsome FBI agent, mine's a short balding Cajun". But she so admired P, a former Marine aviator, and they developed a deep bond as Christian colleagues working together in difficult circumstances. He leaves a wife and son in college. Mom's going to make sure there's money for his college if they come up short.

Then the events in London today which meant many going ons in squirrel central.

On her way home, she snagged the BIG box of wine, not the gallon but the one that's about a full bottle.  The adorable female bagger who has Down's Syndrome and is so friendly and helpful looked at her face, looked at the bottle and said "Mommy Juice Box?"

Indeed, young lady, indeed.

Stay safe my friends.


  1. Hari OM
    Abby, you be sure to snuggle just that bit closer to mum tonight. We over here are shaken, but will not be stirred! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We are so very sorry for your friend, his wife and son.
    May you look back at the friendship you had and smile
    remembering all the good times.

    xo Astro

  3. We're so sorry to hear about your momma's partner. :(

  4. Abby, I'm glad your mom has you there to help her thru tough times, as yesterday obviously was. I will send prayers for her partner and his family and friends. Please remember she'll to remind her often that you love her. Hugs of comfort to you and your mom.

  5. We are so sorry for your loss. Enjoy your well deserved "cardbordeaux".

  6. We're sorry about your Mom's friend. We totally understand about the "juice box"

    We wanted to thank you for the kind words you left for Cousin Trooper. He was a super ManCat and we will miss him.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Some days a box of quiet, box of wine helps.

  8. WE are SAD to hear this about your mom's pawtner in Squirrel Service. And feel so bad fur those across the pond. We do NOT understand why peeps do these CRAZY thingys.

  9. Sorry for your loss. That is a tough one.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. such sad news deserved the bigger box... or a barrel, I agree... Hugs to your mom, it's so sad to lose a squirrel partner&friend...


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