Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sleepy Dogs and Stormy Nights

Abby Lab here -

We didn't get much sleep last night due to the tornados rolling across Illinois. Our county was under a tornado watch all night and the sirens sent folks to their basements more than once.

Mom took the day off today using vacation time as she was just too pooped to drive into work. I'm catching up on my napping as well.

Prayers and thoughts for the people who lost homes and loved ones in the severe weather.


  1. It was a rough night over much of the greater midwest! We're glad you all are OK!

  2. It was a very bad and sad night for so many. We had a little thunder but hours and hours of almost nonstop lightning. Not a drop of rain, which we really need. But that is little to complain about when others lost so much.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. I am GLAD that you are SAFE, Abby... We are also Praying fur those who were hit by the Horrid Weather.

  4. We are glad your pack is safe and are sending our best to those who were effected by the storms.

  5. It seems tornado weather has come early this year. Glad to hear you're all right.


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