Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wabbit Twacks

My husband spotted the yard rabbit lounging for the longest time in the back yard today, just enjoying some warmth and got photos on his phone. Inside the fence, he's safe from larger predators (there's a large forest preserve nearby with coyotes) and the grass is lush and tasty. 
He can hear the back door (and we make lots of noise to give him a warning) so he has plenty of time to get through the fence if Abby comes out. (You can see him at the 1 o'clock position in the photo just outside the fence).  He used to run far away, now he just hops out past the fence line, only moving if Abby approaches directly.  If I come out alone he doesn't move as in the winter when it was brutal cold, I left alfalfa pellets and water for him. I'm pretty sure it's  "he" as there's been no baby rabbits, just him for two years out living under the Evergreen bush that sits up against our back porch.

Today, Abby spotted him and slowly crept up on him, like a leopard.

 If I go REALLY slowly he won't hop away.

 He was just here!

 Which way did he go?

 He was laying here earlier - I can smell him.

 sniff sniff

 Right here!
 Awwww - that's the spot!
 Roll, roll, roll.
 Nothing like getting some fresh hare smell in your furs.

Maybe I should wear camo next time.


  1. Gurl, you gots that predator walk DOWN! I thinks you are even better at it than MOI ~ I tend to gets too excited, and pounce too soon! so the critters get away....sigh. Maybe you can gives me lessons? That would be pawsome! We would have to do it at your estate though...I only have tree rats,no wabbits. I would loves to try my luck on wabbits! oh, and no good smells to roach in.....
    Ruby ♥

    1. I'm like black ninja dog - until the Wabbit sees me! You have to come over and we'll get you all set up on tracking wabbits. They're everywhere!

      Abby Lab

  2. You have rabbits that are a lot smarter than the ones here. They seem to stay in our yard until the last possible second, then make their escape (most of the time:). And sometimes they are even dumb enough to make a nest for their babies in the middle of the yard. AND they like to leave some tasty nuggets behind, which makes Mom very upset.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  3. Hari OM
    OMD Abby, you got your very own wabbit-wange to pawctice on!!! You are one lucky puppy. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who is back from the Northern lands where etherwebs and comms signals exist not...)

  4. We has so may rabbits here - we're always tryin to chase em!

  5. Me and Stanley will come help you. We love chasing rabbits!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We saw lots of bunnies when we were up in Washington and Kansas...but none here..*sigh*. We think cammo might be a great idea to help you catch one!!

  7. That was some good stalking there. It's definitely bunny rabbit time, and I love to chase them. I haven't seen any sign of them in my yard yet. Maybe they've finally learned to keep out.

  8. There is just something so peaceful about seeing rabbits relaxing in your yard - And I have to chuckle at Abby's rolling where yours was, how cute!! :-) Our rabbits seem to have disappeared, but I'm hopeful they'll return.

  9. that's a good idea, I will wear camo the next time too.... all I've got was just the smell too... but it is a super smell isn't it ?

  10. You have a smart rabbit in your yard. But he has to be careful because Abby is a smart doggy


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