Monday, August 14, 2017

Like the House Smelling like Chicken Fat is a BAD thing - An Abby T. Lab Post

Abby the Lab here, doing tonight's dog blog post.

Mom's had a couple of busy weeks and she was sick for a few days so she's' been a bit stressed. Plus dealing with some traffic issues, with a bridge and lane closure on her way home, the commute the last week has not been good. She said it was a ZOO.

She tries to plan ahead. For example, she put some chicken pieces in the crock pot yesterday to cook, so she could put them in containers this morning to have shredded for salads and casseroles. BUTT, she makes them with an olive oil based dressing, then removes the chicken meat and leaves the bones and the skin and the oil in the crock pot.  The chicken is SOOO yummy. BUTT, it makes a REALLY messy crock pot after the chicken is put into Tupperware.

Dad said "don't worry, fill it with water and let it soak and I'll dispose of it before work." since Mom had the morning off for a dog-tor appointment and would be getting up after him.

Except there was an emergency at Dad's work and he had to go to O'Hair at o'dark hundred to catch a flight to Texas.

Leaving the crock pot full of chicken skin bits and bones and fatty water.

NOOO, I didn't get into it, as it was up high and away from the edge of the counter, but when Mom got home from a doctor's appointment and errands it was a smelly mess.

I notice these things.

So I let Mom know the instant she got home in her nice "run errands among the rich soccer moms" outfit that it needed to be taken care of. Mom's smart, she got the crock pot rounded up to pour off the mess for the trash.

Except someone got in the way

And there was a big tidal wave in the crock pot.

And most of the chicken fat water and bones and skin pieces ended up down the front of Mom's new shirt and yoda pants  (I know everyone calls them Yoga pants but Mom is so old I'm pretty sure her's are YODA pants).
Mom and the kitchen smelled SOOOOO good, she's my new bestest friend! Look, my tail has gone hypersonic!

No picture, cuz she got right OUT Of the clothes,

But decided right then and there she needed a SHOT of something.

The Chocolate kind.


  1. So I guess our Lucy doesn't have schnauzer OR Lab in her...
    Your Mom's concoction would be absolutely perfect with a shot or two of Kahlua in it.
    Your pictures made both me and Lucy' dad laugh.

  2. Boy that drink looks good. We are sorry about the great spillage. I loved the photo for the cheese wrapper

  3. Mom has her eyes on that chocolate concoction - what's in it??? That cheesewrapper would have us alert too.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. Bottom is brownie - top is chocolate pudding (come to think of it Kahlua would be good in that), topped with chocolate cookie crumbs, some fudge sauce, a marshmallow and a cookie.

  4. Momma says she likes your momma's kind of shots! And OMD, you got a whole house and Momma smelling of CHICKEN! What could be better??

    Cam and I will be right over to help!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. BOL! Our auntie in Virginia has a woods full of crockery containing smelly things. She just buries the lot!

    SHE found Dui blissfully sucking a tea towel that a small ham had been wrapped in for a few days. Got it out of the laundry basket. Hope the Yoda suit survives.

  7. We have cats that do the cheese wrapper trick too - you are NOT alone there MOL!!!

  8. That shot looks/sounds very necessary after that!

  9. oh dear that old chicken fat stuff does stink.
    Sorry you spilled it. we pour it in a zipper bag
    just to keep the stink away.
    Um now where did I hide the chocolate.

  10. BOL - I'd be all over somebody smellin like chikken too!

  11. that adventure deserved a BIG chocolate soul comforter oh YES!


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