Thursday, August 24, 2017

On Today's Episode of "Suicidal Squirrel".

There's a car coming, run into the road.

Car slows as you're 95% of the way across.  GO BACK!~


Run back across the road.  SCREEEECH!

Thanks for watching. Our show sponsored by Midas Tires and Brakes.


  1. Eventually the humans learn to ignore the dumb tree rats and just keep going:) Sometimes that can make for a messy undercarriage.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. I hate those rascally rodents! They sit on top of the fence and chatter at me and I just know that if I bounce high enough on my front paws I will catch me a squirrel one day!

  3. Why did the squirrel play chicken on the road....bwahaahaa!

  4. Those squirrels aren't too smart when it comes to crossing the road. Seems their tails want to go one way and their legs the other way. Splat! Once my Jessy human watched as a squirrel approached his poor dead brother lying in the middle of the road. She thought, awwww, he feels sorry for his brother! But then he snatched a nut right out of his brother's cold dead hand! Evil squirrels!

  5. Bwahaha. Not sure if our neighborhood squirrels fall victim more to cars or dogs in our neighborhood.

  6. I just stop and wait for them to make up their pea-brains. Then I go and they are out of the way or not...I can't see and don't care, at that point.


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