Friday, February 16, 2018

Prayers for Crystal

Many of you may have heard the news story of the young Texan Special Education Teacher, wife, and mother of five that got both strains of this season's flu, that turned into pneumonia, sepsis and a serious MRSA infection (it's resistant to many antibiotics).  WFAA-TV has coverage. Crystal Whitley got a flu shot early on as she just had a baby and wanted to be healthy and strong to care for all of her children.

But she ended up on life support.  She has turned a corner towards recovery, her feeding tube removed and her being able to walk a few steps but she is not out of danger and all prayers are welcome as she continues what will be a lengthy hospital stay. We've been praying for her as we have friends and family in her area and have the permission of one of her loved ones to post this fundraiser which is on her Facebook page that one of them is maintaining with updates.

Please consider buying a T-shirt to help her family with some of the medical expenses.  Even as working parents it will be more than they can handle.  I plan on donating more when I get my next royalty check - normally all my book sales go to the animal rescues, but some months, there are families in need that also get a check s I cover the dog's monthly sponsorships with my own funds.  That's part of being a community, as you all are to me.

The link to purchase is below in pink.

Thank you for your continued kindness.

The Johnson Family and Abby T. Lab


  1. Thank you for letting me know about this worthy cause

  2. You had us at Texas Teacher....thanks for the heads up!

  3. Thank you, though I am somewhat local to the DFW Metromess, I had not seen this story.

  4. Thank you for bringing attention to this story. Oodles of poodles thoughts and prayers being sent.


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