Saturday, March 30, 2019

Date Night - Vegans, Avert Your Eyes

My husband is a mechanical engineer/inventor (he has five patents) for a worldwide manufacturing company.  He travels a LOT. ("Hi, it's me, I'm on my way to China in the corporate plane, don't hold supper.")

So when he has a weekend between trips he does NOT get mac and cheese from a box or has to take me out to a restaurant.

I make him dinner, complete with tablecloth, dressing up like it's a date, and there is lots of wine. (But he does the dishes, which is why I'm writing this right now).

I think dinner was a hit, even if the "vegetable" consisted of a sprig of fresh herb and a roasted garlic bulb. (There was homemade sourdough bread and Ceasar salad).


  1. I was talking to my doctor about 'diets' this week and she suggested - eating a Mediterranean diet, not snacking at night and if you are going to eat treats only eat ones you make.

    1. We also eat on salad plates so the portion appears larger than it is.

  2. Are there any leftovers???

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. we come over for your next dinner.... can we?


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