Saturday, May 4, 2019

Belated Nature Friday

I missed out on Nature Friday with

but here are some photos of May flowers with the last little bit of snow we had left last Sunday morning.

This last one is for Abby.  Her favorite flower -  the Hydrantcinth.


  1. They're gorgeous~ Love seeing the flowers bravely growing in the snow.

  2. When it is time to bloom, they bloom ~ nothing gets in the way, thankfully! These are
    lovely, welcoming spring.

  3. BOL...hydrantcinth! Spring bulbs highlighted with snow makes for lovely scenes. Happy Sunday.

  4. That could be the sights here in WNY at any time in spring too. One year the entire Rochester Lilac Festival, which usually starts on Mother's Day, was postponed a week because of the nasty, cold weather! Oh well, that's life near the Great Lakes!


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