Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

It's hard to believe but this is the 9th Christmas my husband and I have had as a couple.  The first was memorable.  I had a tumble on ice while walking Barkley and tore my meniscus.  After two days on his recliner with frozen peas on my knee while he cooked for me he drove Barkley and me all the way back to Indy and stayed with me for the surgery to remove what they could (it was NOT fixable). 
Being whacked out on pain pills I probably wasn't much of a Christmas date, but he stayed with me til I could get around by myself to physical therapy.  At that point I thought, OK, he's a keeper.  Two years later we were married.

As much as we can both travel for work we always spend Christmas together.  Each post of the day brings me back fun memories, as we make more.

Typically there is something for me from "Santa" that's made in his workshop that also serves as our walk out basement. Santa, in turn, gets homemade biscuits and bacon gravy.

Inside of this antique phone, my husband installed a walkie talkie.  When I dial any number on the dial, HIS walkie talkie in his shop will chirp letting him know I'm calling.  Then I can press the button on the receiver and talk to him.  It also charges with a USB.  This will work much better in letting him know I need help with something in the house than the usual method called "I can't find my phone, I'll just yell his name until he hears me. . ."

We both get stockings. . .
Mine is a tactical one.  This year, among its contents, was a flashlight and a tactical spork   SCORE.

There is the usual candy for us both (I think Santa gets kickbacks from my periodontist)

And maybe a little journal or two.
Captains Log Day 43 - Vacuumed more dog hair
Captains Log Day 52 - Still more Dog Hair

And general silliness.

Everyone needs another thumb drive.
Or a Darth Vadar magnet (caution choking hazard)

Of course, there are the yearly slippers and PJ's and a bottle of my husband's favorite Bourbon but the rest of the wrapped gifts were things we both wanted. 

I asked for a purse with lots of pockets inside filled with cash.

My husband came through.  It is handmade, a custom order with tons of pockets inside and out as well as a light to find stuff.  From bestsellerleather at Etsy.
 And it had bags of cash

One can never have too many T-shirts.



Or steak knives.

I believe in having enough bath products for the zombie apocalypse.
As well as provisions for a proper tea. (From "Brits" store in Lawrence Kansas.  Their online service is wonderful, and we've bought from them for years - thanks to Vic MD who introduced us).
And from my inlaws - some winter clothing and a game for summer.   I can only imagine what's going to happen when we play this with two Labrador Retrievers around. :-)
All in all, before I sign off - I have to say it was a wonderful Christmas.  Merry Christmas to all my friends and family.


  1. Love the gift selection, but why would you want to bathe during the zombie apocalypse? Would there even be running water?

    1. I'd find a way - can't NOT have my nightly bath. :-)

  2. You guys always have the most clever presents!

  3. What a grreat Christmas! I love the thumb drive. I need to know where the tactical spork came from.

    1. Google Ka-Bar Tactical Spork. Link here.

  4. Wow what a nice Christmas!! We especially love the phone walkie talkie that is pretty cool :)

    Matt, Matilda & Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  5. Looks like it was a wagnificent Christmas! Happy 2020.

  6. Delightfully funny! Thanks for making me smile and even laugh out loud a few times! Merry several-days-late Christmas! God bless!


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