Saturday, April 30, 2022

Can You See Me Now - Beagle Mom Bandanas

Living in a big city with lots of traffic we're pretty vigilant about cars when walking our pets.  One thing that made me more comfortable with walks after dark was the reflective jackets we got for Abby, and later Lorelei which really lit up in a car's headlights hit them.  Just some extra security as we cross streets, even in a quiet neighborhood. 

But Lorelei, being a very large and extra fuzzy dog did NOT like to wear her vest when it started getting warm out (we had one day in the 80s here before it plunged back down into the 30s).  We'll get a reflective bandana we thought.

Easy to find at the pet stores online if you have a purse-sized dog, but what was available in a totally reflective fabric only went up to Large and at over a hundred pounds Lorelei wouldn't be "large", even on a diet. So I turned to Etsy.  There were some great bandana makers out there but all I was seeing were ones with brightly colored (but not reflective) fabric with just reflective tape strips.  That's just not enough visibility for my comfort, I wanted the whole bandana to reflect.

Fortunately, I found one on Etsy at

Jenny  has a ton of fun and creative fabrics for bandanas of all sizes and donates a portion of her profits to the Beagle Freedom Project to protect these loving animals from lab testing. In looking through her wonderful collection I spotted this one made of a reflective material (made of 50% microscopic glass beads) that lights up when light is shone on it AND it has the extra safety of reflective tape strips.  It's really well made and slips right over a collar to make it easy to get on and off, And it comes in sizes up to EXTRA-large.

It's visible in the day and even more so at night - paw-fect to protect our four-legged pal.

Note the unconcerned bunny in the background. She barely bothers to hop out of the yard 
when Lorelei comes out knowing Miss L. has ZERO prey drive unless you are a Kleenex.

I do think Lorelei likes it!


  1. It is the perfect scarf and I hope it keeps her safe! Lee and Phod

  2. What a great find! We're all about security too and went with a customizable kind of collar but really like this idea. I think your sweet girl likes it too judging by that big smile.

  3. Lorelei is a happy girl. Did you know that a yellow bandana is also used on aggressive dogs as a signal to not touch them? (yellow=caution) But no way anyone is going to thing that sweet pup is going to do more than give them kisses!

  4. I'd like to see this fad take off for humans.

    Students in the DC adult education program used to grumble that bus and taxi drivers rolled right past them. Er um well...winter nights, in black hats, black coats, black slacks, and black shoes, even if they had pale skin not enough of it would have been showing to reflect the headlights. Drivers didn't *see* them. Obvious implications for physical safety...For some reason "fashion designers" didn't seem interested, back then, in For Us By Us design contests for the students themselves to create reflector-wear.

    Now, of course, we have Indiegogo, Quirky, GoFundMe...


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