Friday, April 8, 2022

Gifts for your Two and Four Legged Friends - Denali Dreams


I got my husband this awesome handmade shaving mug and soap fromin Anchorage (made by Alaska Potter Jenny Ditto) for his birthday and he just loves it (I'm a huge fan of their lemongrass bar shampoo).

Of course, I had to get some "Manly Man" soap for the shower just to see him smile but it's a great soap and helps him get cleaned up after whatever it is that engineers do when they disappear into the basement for a few hours.

Denali Creams has also got items for pets now including a dog bath soap that's perfect for a dog's dry, itchy coat (with the natural essential oils keep bugs away) as well as a salve for paws (a must for Chicago winters and also soothing when paws are dry and sore from the heat of the summer).

Seriously, get the "lift" tray for the soap (you can buy them separately in assorted designs and colors). I got one for my shower soap and it's great for keeping the soap drained and dry, super easy to clean, and it won't break if it hits the tub 

I like smelling good Mom, you let me up on my couch!


  1. What a beautiful piece of pottery. I'll have to check out that dog soap-sounds like something we'd like. Happy weekend.

  2. You have such beautiful taste and find the most beautiful things!


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