Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Recap

Hi friends.  Abby Lab here.  Well, we survived Valentine's Days.  It started early, with Mom and Dad opening their pressies. Mom had put together a big basket of all of Dad's favorite snackie foodables from Mountain Man Fruit and Nut company (mmm, toffee cashews) as well as a book of his favorite poetry that was hard to find.

Mom had teased Dad about not getting her a "bad" Valentine's pressie after her friend D. got BRAKE FLUID for her birthday and her other friend S. got a SHOVEL (it does help with hiding the body).

Dad handed Mom this pretty bag with red tissue and she opened it up.

A manual tire inflator and a bottle of hootch!

Mom tried not to laugh, pretending to be mad, then she sees the card.

"I LIKE you"??

Dad says "it has Barney Goggley Eyes that you can shake and make move!

At that point mom lost it, laughing, while Dad comes out with ANOTHER pretty bag.

"Here's your real present".

It was a beautiful embroidered nightgown she had admired in a little Vermont store, some of her favorite candy from England, AND

Well - Mom does like her bubble baths at night so she needed a toy for the tub.

Mom made little Korean pancakes for breakfast, full of veggies with a sweet and spicy sauce to dip them in. 

It started to snow by noon. After I got some walkies  and Dad shoveled off the steps and the long driveway, Mom and Dad decided to have a game marathon.

First there was Mexican Train dominoes.  THAT didn't go so well for Mom.

The first game.

The second.
Then they played Backgammon.  Mom got beat AGAIN.
Then there was that quick round of "Sequestration Battleship".

Finally - a game of cribbage.

As Dad was rounding the corner to win yet again, she looked up at him with a sweet smile and said - 

"You know why card games are like marriage?'

Dad said


Mom gave a little grin and said - 

"They start with a heart and a diamond, and they end with a club and a spade".
Oh Uh!

Dad laughed and let her win.  Then they made kissie faces and I had to leave the room.

After that it was time for MY pressies from the Frankie and Ernie household.
Look at all my neat stuff -squeaky toys, a ball and some people crackers (shaped like mailmen, milk delivery guys and a Paw-lice officer!) plus a card from Frankie!
Give me the Monkey Mom!
Using the surgical precision of the 'buttectomy" I deaded it real quick.  Time for treats!

Thank you Frankie and the Frankie and Ernie Household for a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Dad offered to take Mom out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  

Mom was all snug in her Yoda Pants (they're like Yoga pants but more wrinkled) and sweater and she looked outside.

"It's snowy, it's cold, the Escape has escaped to the garage.  There's cars sliding off the streets on the online news station.  Let's stay in!"

Maple and applewood smoked bacon encrusted pork tenderloin, a casserole of sage stuffing and peas.  I LOVE peas! 

Mom's going to have leftovers for  lunch as she has the day off due to it being President's Day. I asked her what that holiday was about and she said  it's when the President comes out of the White House and if he sees his shadow we have six more weeks of political (insert HBO word here).

Dad had to go to O'Hair airport for a quick business trip, so Mom and I are going to hang out, enjoy our pressies, and look at all the pictures of the Blogville Parade again.  That was SO much fun. Thank you Crabby Girls and Frankie and Ernie - for helping it be a fun day for everyone.

But seriously - don't play board games with Dad, he always wins.


  1. You guys all got some pawsome presents. Our people did nothing Valentine like yesterday. Lady has decided she is over holidays. That sucks for us! Enjoy your day with your mom. It is Family Day in the province the Lady works in (but not the one we live in), so she did some work from home this morning and now we are just hanging out, wishing it was warmer so we could play outside.

  2. Looks like you three had a wonderful Valentine's Day! And boy does Frankie know how to shop!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. OMD OMD Not only is your dad a VERY ACCOMPLISHED VIOLINIST.... he is an excellent Pressie Picker Outter... We are SURE your mom L♥VES everythingy he gave to her...
    OMD what a FINE DINING Experience your mom Created.
    Now Abby... you did an AMAZING job of Shredding and DEADING that Stuffie... THAT is WHAT THEY ARE FOR.... INSTANT Gratification... We all love the DESTRUCTABLE ones the BESTEST... RIGHT??? The BESTEST 87 Seconds (OR LESS, if you are lucky) of the DAY... and OH the Fabulous GUTS to spread around and ADMIRE...
    We think YOU and your peeps had a MOST MAGICAL Valentine's Celebration...
    Sarge's Mom and Our mom Teamed up to Smash and Dash the two Dad's Hopes at Several Games of CARDS... yesterday...
    WE just tried to stay outta Sarge's REACH... Just sayin.
    You enjoy your special day with your Mom... and I hope your dad returns SOON..
    BTW... our mom is ROTF over what you said about your mom's singing... BAAAAAWAAAAH. BET our mom's is WORSE... and THANKFULLY she can't play ANYTHING.. ♫ musical♫ THAT would be a disaster!
    and... HIM

  4. Your dad sounds like quite a character....can't wait for Father's Day...maybe a leg waxing kit? BOL! I, Roxy, got the same things from Ernie. Dui has already taken most of the limbs and ears off it, but it is still stuffed!

  5. Hari OM
    Hhehehehe, Abby, you and Frankie sure know what it's about; I suspect your peeps do too - it's not the gifts but the thoughts behind them!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Snorts and oinks! What a fantastic day you had my friends. Sounds like a great time was held... even though daddy was beating everyone in their games. XOXO - Bacon

  7. What a great Valentine's Day! And nice job on the buttectomy. That is some fine work right there!

  8. Sounds like a perfect day! Woooohooo! Dad liked the cards and marriage joke. (That's his kind of humor.) Dad and ghostwriter didn't do anything special, since she had to work. And of course, we doggies had a great time at the Blogville parade! I commend you on your squeaky toy surgery. You just have to get all that stuffing out as soon as possible! Good job! Joey dog says great yum yums too. Pah jeon is very delicious, and so is pork roast and peas!

  9. Dat pork tenderloin pic are makin me hungry!!

  10. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day!

  11. Sounds like you all had a fun Valentine's day.

  12. What a fun day! We played "battleship" during Christmas with my brother, it's a fun game, no matter what your age! :-)

    I think you could be onto something with your thoughts on Presidents Day!

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Those Korean breakfast pancakes looks SO YUMMY

    1. They were. Mom had them for the first time at Hanbun, a really good Korean restaurant that just opened in Westmount. Her's were thicker and they were almost souffle like. I had a plain one without the sauce, pepper and onion (just carrot and zuchinni) and it was really good.


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