Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Had Me At Woof

Photo from Frankie and Ernie's Blog

A couple of you that have my email asked where Abby the Lab got the pretty bracelet present (that said "you had me at woof") for Frankie Furter's Mom for Valentine's Day.

Here is a close up from the Etsy shop it was purchased  from.

The stuffed squirrel, like the stuffed snow freak and the fabric pizza slice from Christmas came from an etsy site called Wags and Wiggles, which I shop fairly often as I love their stuffies.

The bracelet was a NEW Etsy place I discovered and I was so happy I did.

I know a couple of you that would like THIS one.
Or how about. . 

It's called Harminy's Place

Just go to and type Harminysplace in the search bar and their website will come up with all kinds of pretty silver bracelets with pet and other themes as well as some handmade fleece blankets that both two and four legged folks will love (Abby wants the Star Wars one).


  1. Looks like you've found some fantastic buys.

  2. How pretty! We love all of those!

  3. Thanks for the tip. We'll have to check it out. We have a wind chime that has four cocker spaniels on it kind of like the doggies on the jewelry. Got it from an old pet store ages ago before the internet, and when dinosaurs still walked the Earth!

    1. Mom would understand that. I think the theme for her high school prom was "Fire!"

      Abby Lab

  4. I love who rescued who.
    THANK YOU so much for your generous offer to donate royalties to the Ontario SPCA. That is so kind and unexpected. You rock!


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