Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wabbit Tracks - In Memory of Easy

 Is that my wabbit stuffie that Frankie sent Dad?
 It is!
 Let me get a little closer.
 Hold it still Dad - I'm gonna sneak up on my wabbit friend.
 Almost, careful so I don't startle the wabbit and make it hop off
Dad Threw it!  Surprise!
I love my wabbit!

I am so happy to have fur-ends, and even in my fun, I'll remember those that have left us, especially on this day, remembering my fur-end Easy.

Easy came home today, to live in his family's heart forever, guided by the flames of so many that loved him.

Easy's Mom and Dad are sad - but I know they would not have missed the opportunity to love Easy, even knowing they would someday lose him.  These words are Mom's and I think they sum up why we let love in our lives knowing it may be brief.

"We wake to the earth’s silent ticking, chasing the time that is still unaccounted for, rushing headlong from nights of God's silence to days of great discovery. We can stay in, intact for one slow, sure, unremarkable day, gathering useless possessions and people around us, as what sparked our dream fades to an almost sleeping ember.  For many people, that is their safety. We can just sit and talk about it, the changes we need to make, the things we wish we could do, but talk is just that, talk - arming ourselves with the satisfaction of courage without the inconvenience of risk. Or we can cast off our fear, gather those things around us that are precious, shedding that which only seeks to hinder us and head out into the world, eyes wide open.

What is ahead is unknown, often coming at us, so towering and fast, one can sense from it neither distance nor time. You can treat it with fear, no different than standing on the edge of a cliff, dreading that feeling as the ground falls away, the tiny rocks clamoring down like the first throw of dirt on a pine box. Or you can treat it as a perceived feast, as a wafer on the tongue, a leap of faith into that place that is devoid of time and regret, while that which held you back runs somewhere far afield, away from soundless guns." - TBOB

Angel Easy - this candle is for you.
Because no toy can hold a candle to all the joy and heart you brought to Blogville.  We will miss you always.

Abby Lab and her family


  1. OMD I am SO happy that you like the Wabbit...

    Blogville has Come Together this day... to LIGHT the WAY and make the SAD LOAD feel LIGHTer. It makes things EASY(ier) to take.

  2. We are glad your rabbit didn't hop off. Thanks for helping us remember Easy and others who left us.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hari OM
    Blogville has been shining so brightly this day, I swear they can see us from Alpha Cenpawry!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. That looks like a fun rabbit. It is wonderful of you to honor Easy

  5. Oh, I gots to say gurl, that wabbit is PAWSOME!!!!!
    Your tribute to our pal Easy is just beautifuls....I knows all the candles helped light the way for Easy to make it back to his staff....
    Ruby ♥

  6. thanks so much.... he sadly never caught a rabbit... he always pondered too long which one he should eat till they were over all hills :o)


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