Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cadbury Chocolate Weekend Update

All is well in the universe.  My Dad is home with an overnight nurse (he normally has a nurse wake- up to bedtime).  He is down 15 pounds from his 3-day hospital stay (he's 5 7 "and 175 pounds so that's a lot) but he was in really good spirits and we are so thankful that the initial pneumonia diagnoses was upgraded to bronchitis.  My husband flew home early from his business trip to the UK in case we needed to go out there, but since I just had dental surgery, we're staying put here in the Mission Bungalow. (The dentist didn't want me flying unless it was dire).

I'm so happy Dad is doing better and do realize that is much in part to the prayers you all sent.
Also, I'm happy that my husband made some stops on his way to the airport in Manchester and got me my favorite goodies (for those of you not following the Cadbury saga, Hershey acquired the Cadbury name and filed a lawsuit to keep real English Cadbury chocolate from being imported so all we get is their awful version of it.) So having REAL Cadbury's was a real treat in addition to my Boots goodie bag.!


  1. I am soooooooooo happy your Pops is doin' better! Sendin' lots and lots of prayers that he stays comfortable and happy. And so glads your hubby brought you the good stuffs! OMD, Ma says she remembers the 'Real' Cadbury from when she was a wee lass (her cousins would send it in a goodie exchange from Ireland!), and it was superb!!! I don't knows the body washes though, butts if they're Boots, they are probably excellent!
    Lots of {{{{hugs}}}} and margaritas ☺
    Ruby ♥

  2. Hari OM
    The makings of a truly relaxed weekend! YAM xx

  3. That is such good news about your Dad. We hope he can regain those pounds with some good home food. And for sure, the REAL Cadbury chocolate is wonderful!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. So glad your dad is doing better. He sounds like a tough guy. Enjoy the chocolate!

  5. We're glad your father is doing better. At his age any sickness is a big worry! Happy MOther's Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We're very glad your Dad is doing better. 15 pounds is a lot of weight to lose in such a short time. Probably fluid?

    Enjoy your chocolates.

  7. cadbury? that's the word what makes the mama drool... she is like that dog of mr. pavlov on the cadbury front LOL


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