Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's in YOUR Beauty Bag?

This was supposed to get posted on my healthy lifestyle blog and post dental surgery I accidentally posted it here.  So for you pet lovers not into makeup and skine care - as we say at work "move along folks nothing to see here."

My husband has been on the road for work a LOT, and when he's gone I don't really "cook", I just eat bagged salads, smoothies, and pizza which doesn't make for very interesting diet and fitness posts.

But I did update my beauty products based on new finds and a couple friends recommendations.  Today, I'm going to show you three collections and the reasons for them.

(1) This is the stuff I spoil myself with at home.  Makeup wise, I'm pretty minimal, but I like some really nice organic skin care for my at home regiment.

Starting at the upper left - Eminence mineral foundation.  I have super dry skin and this is the FIRST mineral foundation that didn't look like I had talcum powder on my face.  It's great light coverage that looks very natural.

Next to that is my favorite mascara - Benefit Bad Gal Lash. (has over 3200 five star ratings on Sephora).  A simple black mascara with a huge brush - it builds beautiful big lashes.

Below that is my newest find. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.  A clear serum you apply to the lash line at night - it gives you visibly longer lashes in a month without some of the nasty side effects (such as eye color change) earlier prescription lash products had.  I found that if I used it nightly, my eyes were a little itchy. An R + F rep suggested using it every other night and it worked perfectly.  I can eve skip mascara if I'm in a hurry now my lashes are so long.

On the left Paula's Choice Resist Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA with Salicylic Acid and Antioxidants.  As I hit middle age I started getting these itchy bumps on my face and back.  The dermatologist said it's common and they're called keratosis pilaris.  This product zaps them in no time and leaves my skin overall much smoother (I even use it on my face).

To the right of that is my Honey Girl Organics Skin Care,  some full size, one a travel size.  I LOVE Honey Girl - organic, smells wonderful and SO moisturizing and made of such pure ingredients you could eat it. (if you have oily skin try their Super Skin Food Cream). They are also moderately priced given the ingredients and the owner always throws in free travel sized samples. The detoxifying Hawaiian blue-green algae, honey, and French clay mask is incredible.

The light blue tube to the right of them is a new try - First Aid Beauty mineral sunscreen.  I think it might be a little heavy for summer (for which I'll wear my Rodan + Fields Soothe Mineral sunscreen) but it was great during the cold weather and didn't break me out.

Eyes and Lips at the bottom - A Mac and a Fitglow (Canadian organic line) in light and dark pink, and a MAC shadow and highlighter.  To their right is Victoria's Secret pink lipgloss (purchased when I was getting some V.S. Heavenly - one of my favorite inexpensive perfumes).

That's pretty much my products at home. I do use other organic skincare lines - Frangipani Organic and Meadowlake Farms bee products, for blemishes and other issues that pop up with hormones and weather.  Their products are awesome and mix and match well with anything, but what you see above is what's in my cosmetic and beauty tray in the bathroom right now.
(2)  What I keep at Dad's so I'm not hauling stuff back and forth.  Mostly cheap, with an exfoliating product that's TSA size to transport out there since I buy it on the internet only. From left to right.

Paula's Choice 1% Retinol Treatment. With rosacea I have to avoid any manually exfoliating products and this works really well, just a couple times a week keeps my skin smooth and it does smooth those really fine lines.

Next up is Alba Kids Mineral Sunscreen.  It's pretty thick so I wouldn't use it on my face every day at home, but it's super cheap and gentle is a great all over chemical free sunscreen for when I have a lot of yard work to do when tending to Dad's place.

Makeup is just a drugstore mascara. whatever lipstick is in my purse, and a Boom color stick for cheeks and eyes.

For cleansing and moisture all over you can't beat the Ceravie cleansers and the giant tub of CVS cream (their version of Cetaphil).

(3)  What I keep in a small overnight bag (with some personal care items and jammies and fresh clothes) in my locker at work, just the basics for a short-notice meeting in DC or elsewhere.

The products are the priciest of the products on the post today but they also pack an incredible "bang for the buck" giving me excellent anti-aging benefits with only a handful of products when I'm on the road. The larger jar is individual little capsules of retinol - I just put those in a sandwich bag.  The larger square is Rodan + Fields facial and eye cleansing clothes - as well, a few go into a baggie. That allows me to put everything in just a tiny makeup bag.
I roll in things - that's MY beauty secret - Abby T. Lab

From left to right.

NARS tinted moisturizer with chemical and non-chemical SPF30.  It actually has a shade light enough for me (called Alaska, how fitting).  It leaves a luminous finish (not shiny) and provides light coverage, moisture, AND sun protection that doesn't break me out.

Next,  BOOM by Cindy Joseph Color and Glimmer sticks with another Bad Gal Mascara lurking in the background. The "Color" one can be used as eyeshadow, blush, and lip color and the "Glimmer" stick provides highlighting to bring out your best features.

For skin care it's simple.  Rodan + Fields Redefine night cream (which I will also dab on before makeup when it's winter) and a travel sized eye cream (hidden in the picture), their retinol capsules, and a sunscreen stick that's part of a two part hand treatment I use, perfect for hands and neck. Rather than haul a cleanser that may leak I use the R+ F Makeup Removers, then just wipe my face with a warm washcloth afterward (in the winter I'll replace the clothes with a small R + F Soothe cleanser for extra moisture)

The red thing?  Well, that's a clown's nose - you never know when one will come in handy at a meeting.

For product link for items you can't get at the local drugstore:: note: (none of the products were provided to me, all were purchased)

Paula's Choice:

Honey Girl Organics:



Sephora : (mascara and First Aid Beauty sunscreen):

Eminence makeup and Skincare:

Fitglow Cosmetics:

Victoria's Secret"

Rodan Plus Fields - One of the Lab Rescue volunteers is a consultant:  Her contact info is below. Jane's a good friend and a very caring consultant. (my consultant is actually in Chicago but I could NOT find her contact info today).  Jane is in Maryland but the products can be shipped anywhere.

Jane Slavin
Consultant ID: 1432479
Market: United States
Location: Columbia,MD


  1. Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets with us

  2. I would be interested to hear about what you use to treat your Rosacea, as I'm reaching an age in which I will have to deal with that issue myself...

    1. I get a BBL Laser therapy every six months at the dermatologist. I didn't have any luck with any "creams" or such for rosacea, just mild or organic products most of the time. The BBL (Broad Band Light) therapy is a $350 a pop, and hurts like someone flinging hot grease on your face (seriously I have tears in my eyes while it's being done) but in just 4 treatments over 2 years my redness is almost gone and it improved my skin texture and pores as well.

    2. If that's not budget friendly though no one line made a HUGE difference, I had the best luck with this organic line handmade by a lady in Indiana and sold in health food stores in the midwest or on line. The protective serum helped sooth the redness and the foaming cleanser took off all my makeup without drying or rubbing to get it off. It's also modestly priced given the quality. I still use the cleanser after working out.

  3. Oh, mom did buy BOOM but forgot she had it. Mom is a failure at beauty.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Thank you! I like rolling in the grass for beauty like Abby does!

  5. wow there is a lot inside, the mama added some things to her wishlist ;o) she currently has a gnawed lipstick in her beauty bag, what's more a lipSICK now and vetericyn LOL

  6. Ghostwriter is very allergic to most make-up, especially scented stuff. Even if somebody is else wearing a perfumed body product, she breaks out in hives. Her beauty routine: Dove soap for sensitive skin, Burt's Bees moisturizer and lip balm, and a few dots of hydrocortisone cream if needed. Curel Itch Defense lotion is a god-send. Our angel Miss Ginger gave professional dog spit facials. Guaranteed to get rid of all blemishes and cure what ails you! Really! Ask any of the four sibs!


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