Monday, July 31, 2017

Bunny Games

We have 3 bunny rabbits that make our yard and the neighbor to the south their home. (the neighbor to the north has a fence that doesn't allow bunny entry).  The one neighbor has some tasty wildflowers but we have a fence with slats that allow them entry but not larger critters which they seem to know keeps them safe from dogs and cats. and the occasional predator that comes over from the park along the river.  Our back yard also has a thick evergreen bush against the back of the house which is good cover in bad weather.  We also keep a dog bowl full of fresh water out among the plants, which both critters and the birds love.
Abby goes out about the same time each day, a walk with Dad in the morning and evening and a walk at lunch with her dog walker, and once out to potty at 5 pm before she is feed.  When Abby is on the leash, the rabbits just lie low and don't run off. Being the trained huntress (snort) that she is Abby doesn't even see them.
When it's just me leaving our house to run an errand or take the recycling out, they don't even bat an eye.But when Abby is let out late day, she's off leash, so I give them a heads up that she is coming out before I let her out.
While she waits on the sun porch I'll go down and gently shoo them out of the yard before I let her out the door.

They know the game, and just hop to just the edge of the fence and wait for Abby, and as Abby runs towards them, make one hop through the fence and then just sit there and laugh at Abby who runs at about the speed of molasses (and if she gets close she just "points" so the bunnies are in no danger). It's even funnier when she tries to "sneak up on them" and they hop through the fence at the last minute.

"Hasta La Vista Baby!"

It's a game for all involved I think.  It's gotten to the point that when I'm letting Abby out into the sunporch to start the rabbit hunt I'm humming the Mission Impossible Song but it's-

Bun, bun, bun bun, BUN BUN bun bun.


  1. And here we have always rabbits were really dumb critters. They like to build their nests in the middle of a dog-inhabited yard or under our deck where we stand and bark at them. You have trained yours very well. Now Mom is wondering what kind of fence your neighbors have that can really keep those rabbits OUT.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    1. Our neighbor was outside, so I asked him. It's "garden zone" rabbit netting that can be made into a fence. With a vegetable garden using that and putting a piece of it over his chin link gate as reinforcement has helped spare the veggies. Ace hardware has it.

  2. I LOVE to catch bunnies! I agree with Lightning and Misty. There's no logical reason why they'd need to come into my yard, but they do. It's like they have a death wish. Or else they are dum dum dum dum DUM DUM dum dum! Ghostwriter says there are lots of them around the nursing home grounds lately. She's seen some baby ones sitting right outside the back door. I wish I could go hunting there!

  3. oh bunnies are bunnyful, but I do this weim-thing like my bro Easy... I ponder too long which one I 'll get first... and then all are over the hill ;o)

  4. We have TONS of bunnies here, but most of them avoid the backyard.

  5. Bwahaha. My two
    hunt' similarly as there are still rabbits just to the west of us that we see on the early morning walk some days. It's so much different than when Elsa sees a squirrels, there she's metal to the petal but she's not sure about bunnies.Luckily for the rabbits they are always on the leash. Rabbits will fight back and can injury a dog with their hind feet. Who'd have thought, right?

  6. Cute...I've been leaving the cats indoors to protect baby wrens, even though it means I'm met with angry yowls instead of happy chirps when I go home, and like the idea of warning the rabbits!

  7. If those bunnies were around me and Stanley . . . well, let's just say they wouldn't be cuz mom says we get bunny fever!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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