Monday, July 24, 2017

Sometimes we just need a little support.

Hey Mom's what's that?
Is it a bird?  A plane?  A giant bone shaped stuffie?
Mom said it's a pillow. She is writing a Novella that's going into a published anthology with some action and sci fi authors she knows so she's been on the computer both all day for work and late into the evenings the last few days. So Dad (a mechanical engineer) made this pillow by cutting pieces of bone shaped fabric and sewing them together and stuffing it so it cradles and supports the neck for some couch napping or bedtime.

Dad will demonstrate before he takes me for my walk.

Come on Dad. . Walkies. . Walkies!


  1. We have a friend with one of those, it's been a world traveller for 30 years and losing its colour.

  2. I know Dasiy would love me to toss your bone there,
    Coffee is on

  3. Looks like something I would like to carry around as a security object!

  4. In our house we would think that is a toy and rip it up! Hope your dad enjoys his pillow.

  5. Looks like the pillow was working well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. wow that's a magic pillow! and it looks tasty somehow... wish I had one too ;o)

  7. That's a handy little pillow!

  8. What a great design! Did you use a pattern to make it?

    1. My husband made it - he's a mechanical engineer so knowing him I imagine he made his own pattern on paper (that's what he does for his leatherwork) and went from there. I like sewing about as much as a root canal.


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