Thursday, November 1, 2018

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go in the Lunchroom

Abby here reporting from Rancho de Retriever.  Mom had to go to the office this week to get a new ID card and then attend a poly conference around lunchtime.

She was tempted to grab a large coffee and donut and head in but  motivated by blogville diet bloggers Murphy and Stanley's Mom and Oreo's Mom at

she decided to pack a healthy breakfast and lunch for the day, as she'd gained a few pounds in the last weeks of dealing with her dad being ill and tending to him from a distance.

In her bento box and lunch bag went some yogurt and almonds,  Dave's Killer Powerseed bread with hummus and cucumbers, carrot sticks and some grapes.  Then she got to work.

One of the "probies" that was on her team had finished his first year and was off probation.

With some help from his wonderful wife, this probie brought in two chocolate foundations (white and dark) with big bowls of cut up strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, angel food cake, pretzels and marshmallows (did I mention angel food cake and marshmallows?).   Apparently, you can buy your own little chocolate fountains at Meier for about $21.

The healthy sandwich was barely touched and she said she just somehow kept wandering back to the lunch room to inventory the food.

Warning - HBO word in the video.  I'm not going to say that was not the best idea in the world. . . but here's Mom on her trip home from work  (don't step on any more cars Mom!)
Tomorrow - back on the healthy eating plan.


  1. I've have done the same thing and probably more! I say take the stairs to countermand the marshmellows.

  2. We love that movie! Ghostwriter says she's sure eating a few marshmallows won't be a problem. Well, just today sibling 4 of 4 brought her Timmy Ho's honey crullers for breakfast. (I don't think there are any honey cruller monsters ... I hope ... )


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