Monday, February 4, 2019

An Abby Lab Rescue Memory - Her First Real Bed

For me?

Abby the Lab here.

In my previous life I didn't get to get up on the furniture and was outside in the cold a lot but after 5 months in a shelter, my new Mom let me up on the couch.  I kept getting down as I didn't think I was supposed to be up there, but she said it was OK and gave me pats.  It's so soft but I only sneak up there when Mom and Dad aren't on it.

I have my own little dog bed where Mom used to stay when she was working.  It's sure more comfy than the hard floor of a kennel, but it was cheap and it's not real poofy - nothing like "THE BED", but Mom keeps the bedroom door closed when she is at work as she has a fancy schmancy bedspread on there that is hard to clean.

Then one day, a big box came to Mom's work crash pad.  Mom said it was from Orvis as they had a sale-- a BIG sale and she got something for almost half price. Barkley had an Orvis bed and just loved it and it lasted forever, but she wanted me to have one of my own.  Want to check out their great dog beds? Click on the well-known name. . .

It's the world's biggest softest dog bed!  It's so fluffy, with really tight stitching and a durable, ultra-soft cover.  When she took it out of the wrapping-- it expanded like a life raft.
Mom knows about that.  Once she was flying an airplane (a little business jet) to India to be delivered from the aeroplane factory.   Three of the VERY young Indian pilots were on board.  They didn't have the experience yet to make that sort of trip so the owners arranged for the seller to deliver it with contract pilots (which was Mom and another pilot) and bring them home from plane school. Regulations required that for a flight across the ocean the plane had to have a rented life raft to be carried in the cabin to be pitched out of the plane and inflated if Mom had to pull a "Sully".

The young Indian pilots were QUITE excited about the flight and about just learning to fly their first jet so Mom and her copilot told them to just read and relax in the back and  "don't touch anything".

Halfway across the Atlantic, there's this big  WHOOOSH sound from the cabin and one of them ran forward with -

"Captain L! Captain L!  Raft Veery BIG!, Raft, Veery BIG.!"

Yup - they'd accidentally inflated the life raft and Mom had to kill it with a cheese knife from the galley so they could exit the airplane when they all landed to fuel.
MMMM Cheese.

So, it was sort of like that.  Bed very big!  Bed very big! Look - my tail has gone hypersonic!

My Ovris bed is SOOOO COMFY!

I can't believe it's still all mine all the time and I don't have to sleep on the Pita Bed from Walmart anymore.  I love my furever home.
I love my Mom.
Abby Lab


  1. We would love to have Orvis beds just like yours, but Mom says we have to wait until some of us learn to not chew them:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. That is a most wonderful first bed Abby!
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. It looks like a very comfy bed. You are very lucky.

  4. Wow! That looks extra super comfy! Maybe it's time to get ME a new doggie bed. Usually I sleep on the couch, but I've been having a hard time jumping up there lately.

  5. that smile says all! it is amazing how much "firsts" we get with a furkid what had a different life once...

  6. Heh, heh...that's a funny story on the plane. Glad you have your very own Orvis bed, Abby. Nothing beats your own bed.

  7. Well, I'm glad you like it, but you need to learn the real FUN of beds -- taking all the POOF out of them and spreading it all over!!


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